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Take It From This Veteran: Cannabis Is More Than Just a Good Time
January 5, 2022
In the minds of many, cannabis is a mind-altering substance that’s just for fun. Throughout the years, it’s been the subject of countless pop culture jokes and has a reputation for being the substance of choice for people seeking a laid-back lifestyle filled with relaxation. But the truth is that cannabis is enormously helpful as […]
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Clear Choice’s Best Cannabis Gifts for This Year
December 16, 2021
The holiday shopping season is upon us once again, but rather than join the rush to the mall for another generic sweater, consider giving the cannabis lover in your life something they’ll really enjoy from Clear Choice Cannabis in Tacoma and Bremerton. The incredible selection of cannabis products has something for everyone, regardless of their […]
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Cannabis News: How to Make Sure Your Vape Cartridge is Safe
October 31, 2019
It’s a tense moment right now in the cannabis world. All across the country, a spate of serious illnesses—and over dozen tragic deaths—have been linked to vape cartridges. Some are calling it “legal weed’s first crisis” (although cannabis isn’t actually the common link in all the illnesses). What is the root cause? State and federal […]
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Can Marijuana Help the Country Deal With the Opioid Crisis?
July 4, 2018
In August, President Trump made what was long-known official by declaring opioid abuse an emergency. From 2000 to 2015, a staggering 500,000 people have died due to overdoses, the majority of which from opioids. But what hasn't received much attention: the potential to use marijuana for opiate addiction treatment. Addiction is a common issue for […]
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Marijuana Health Benefits Get a Shoutout on...Fox News?
May 2, 2018
Cannabis got a big boost in the public eye when Dr. Mehmet Oz, the popular surgeon, and television personality, suggested increasing its use to fight the opioid crisis. Perhaps even more significant was where he made this statement: on “Fox & Friends,” the centerpiece of American conservative media. Taking the opportunity to promote the growing […]
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Our Newest Vendor: Gold Leaf Gardens
April 24, 2018
Clear Choice Starts Selling Gold Leaf Gardens We’re super pumped! We now carry Gold Leaf Gardens pre-rolls, concentrates, and Cannarillos! Gold Leaf Garden’s origins are deeply entrenched in the medical cannabis community. Recognizing the awesome healing and therapeutic powers of cannabis, Gold Leaf Gardens hasn’t lost sight of its roots and continues to produce products appropriate […]
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Our 420 Deals You Won't Want to Miss!
April 20, 2018
Make sure to clear your schedule this Friday. 4/20 is almost here and we've got 420 deals! And, Clear Choice wants to show our appreciation for your loyalty over the years that’s helped us become the top cannabis dispensary in the state. To thank you, we’re offering some of the best deals and deepest discounts […]
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Home Grown: Thumbs Up or Down for Washington Growers?
January 4, 2018
Of all the states that allow recreational cannabis, Washington is the only one that prohibits growing cannabis indoors for residents. Now, there’s hope that may change. But what could that mean for you and your favorite local dispensary? The right to grow your own marijuana has been enshrined in cannabis culture from its very earliest […]
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Does Cannabis Use Increase the Risk of Vehicle Crashes?
October 4, 2017
Despite some frustrating speed bumps, the tidal wave of cannabis legalization shows no signs of receding anytime soon, and one of its primary benefits—besides access to safe, high-quality and clean marijuana!—is the flood of research following in its wake. As we’ve reported previously, two recent studies examine the question of what cannabis legalization does for […]
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