Clear Choice would be nothing without the partnerships we have with our outstanding producers and processors.

Clear Choice works with the best producers and processors in the state, and we focus on stocking the most sought-after products the industry has to offer. You can be sure that when you come to Clear Choice, the products on the shelf are there because they have proven themselves to offer great customer experiences. That's mainly because we use purchasing data to help us know what strains and flavors people are coming back for. It's simple logic our competition seems to ignore and is something our customers appreciate. Don't go to the competition where their shelf is full of flavors nobody wants! Stop by and make the Clear Choice, today!

Lifted Cannabis

Lifting your senses to new heights, Lifted Cannabis started out in the medical market, where we gained experience and a stellar reputation.

As a leader in this market, they have created a growing environment that uses filtered air and, only when necessary, organic pesticides.

Today, Lifted's gardeners ensure that each plant is attended to and nurtured from seed to cultivation.

In such a controlled and precise environment, timely maintenance is crucial, so they also have a master grower onsite for daily quality and temperature control.

The result? A heightened, high-quality experience that is like no other!

Skord Marijuana