Clear Choice FAQs

What are your hours?
We have two stores, one in Bremerton and one in Tacoma, WA. Both are open, 365 days a year from 8AM – 12AM.
Do you deliver?
No, current Washington state laws only allow sales through licensed dispensaries. Clear Choice was one of the first dispensaries licensed in the state. We’ve been serving customers through our stores since 2012.
Can I order products in advance?
Yes, browse through our website menu. Select the products you want. Tell us when you’ll be stopping by, and we’ll have everything waiting, so you can be in-and-out quickly. Links to the menus are at the top of the page.
Do you offer curbside services?
No, currently the state is no longer allowing us to do curbside orders. Please place your order online and come in the store to pick them up. Or walking in and shopping over the counter is always welcome.
I have some medical issues but I’m not sure what to buy. Can you advise me?
We have dedicated, trained medical marijuana consultants. One of our consultants would be glad to meet with you privately at no cost. He or she will ask you about your health condition and then make product recommendations. There’s no obligation to buy, and again, the private counseling session is free.
Do I need a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis from Clear Choice?
No. Because both medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Washington state, you don’t need a medical marijuana card. Having said that, if you do wish to obtain a medical marijuana card, we can assist you.
Can I buy cannabis from your stores if I’m from a different state?
Yes, we get visitors from other states all the time. We welcome everyone – locals, visitors, newcomers, and loyal customers. However, be aware that cannabis purchased here can’t legally be taken outside of Washington State.
What products are available in your stores?
We carry everything from classic dry flower, joints, infused joints, dabs, rosin, live resin, vape cartridges, oils, lotions, topicals, RSO, capsules, tincture, and edibles to amazing functional art glass pieces that you’ll be proud to display.
Can you source something specific?
Yes. If there’s a certain brand or strain you’re seeking or you’re trying to achieve some specific result, let us know. At any one time, we’re working with 50-80 different suppliers. Most likely, we’ll be able to source what you need or find you something comparable.
Do you offer any specials or discounts?
Yes, we offer various specials every day. Sign up for our mailing list to receive notifications of what’s on sale and what special strains of limited quantity we have available. Also, register for our loyalty program. You’ll get points for every purchase that you can redeem for up to 25% off on your next order.
Where does your cannabis come from?
All of our cannabis is grown and processed here in Washington. In fact, that’s all we’re allowed to sell per state law. Fortunately, because Washington has been in the legal cannabis industry for over a decade, our growers and processors know what they’re doing, and that’s reflected in the high quality of their products.
Do you sell CBD products?
Yes. We have a full range of CBD products – flower, oils, gummies, topicals, edibles and other forms of CBD for a wide range of potential uses.
I’m relatively new to using cannabis. How do I know what to select?
Speak with one of our budtenders. They’re extremely knowledgeable and enjoy sharing their expertise. They’ll be glad to help you find a product that meets your objectives. For first-time THC users, it's good to start small.

Cannabis FAQs

What is cannabis?
Cannabis is a flowering plant. Its flowers have been used for thousands of years for various purposes. The leaves and flowers of cannabis plants are covered with trichomes. Those small glands of resinous oil contain cannabinoids and terpenes that, when consumed, can produce certain effects.
What is medical cannabis?
Also referred to as “medical marijuana,” medical cannabis is a term that started before recreational cannabis became recreationally legal. Cannabis and cannabinoids (chemical compounds in the plant) may have been used to treat numerous conditions over thousands of years.
What forms does cannabis come in?
You have many options -- flower, dabs, joints, infused pre-rolls, vape cartridges, oils, topicals, derivatives, extracts, beverages, and edibles.
What are strains?
Over time the cannabis plant has been manipulated by humans by cross breeding. By cross breeding growers are able to blend traits from different cannabis plants. All these cross bred variations are called strains.

Naturally occurring strains are called land race strains and grew naturally on planet earth long ago before human intervention. These were the original naturally occurring strains that started it all.

Like other crops grown in different areas with different conditions, cannabis plants can look, smell and taste very different from one another. Each unique genetic cross is considered a strain.
How do I know what cannabis form or strain to use?
At a licensed dispensary such as Clear Choice, you’ll find experienced budtenders who can provide you with guidance based on your objectives.
Can I travel with medical cannabis?
State and Federal laws require that cannabis sold in Washington stay in Washington. Crossing state lines with cannabis or infused product is against the law.
What is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound (cannabinoid) found in the cannabis plant. It is different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in that it is considered non-psychoactive.

CBD comes in a wide variety of forms such as oils, gummies and topicals. Customers and patients are finding relief using CBD for a wide variety of ailments. Clear Choice offers an extensive collection of CBD products. Stop in and ask one of our educated budtenders for more information.
Can I buy cannabis in Washington even though I live out of state?
Yes, out-of-state buyers 21 or older can buy recreational cannabis with valid government-issued identification. However, it’s federally illegal to transport it across state lines, whether by plane or vehicle.

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