Our Newest Vendor: Gold Leaf Gardens

April 24, 2018

Clear Choice Starts Selling Gold Leaf Gardens

Image source: Gold Leaf Gardens

We’re super pumped! We now carry Gold Leaf Gardens pre-rollsconcentrates, and Cannarillos!

Gold Leaf Garden’s origins are deeply entrenched in the medical cannabis community. Recognizing the awesome healing and therapeutic powers of cannabis, Gold Leaf Gardens hasn’t lost sight of its roots and continues to produce products appropriate for patients and lifestyle consumers.

Gold Leaf Gardens believes that providing safe, high-quality cannabis to every type of cannabis user -- whether a patient or cannabis enthusiast blessed with good health -- is the key to a happier and healthier planet.

From soil infused with abundant microbial life (which allows cannabis to express its finest qualities ) to their delicate and deliberate harvesting and curing process, Gold Leaf Gardens cuts no corners.

Their award winning concentrates are solvent-free. There is no better way to distill the essence of organically grown marijuana than through ice water extraction.

According to Gold Leaf Gardens: "Our process-engineered lab, designed and operated by POLAR ICETRACTS, produces impeccable 6-star bubble hash and hash rosin. Delicate trichome heads are meticulously removed and collected through temperature, agitation, and a mastery of technique to produce the purest expression of the plants characteristics. The partnership between Polar & Gold Leaf has garnered multiple awards."

The Art of Lighting a Leira

All of the care, craftsmanship and artistry of Gold Leaf Gardens is embodied in it's partnership with LEIRA CANNAGARS.

Enjoy Leira, the world’s finest "Cannarillos" and "Cannagars," hand-crafted cannabis cigars produced only from the highest quality Washington-grown organic flowers, glazed in solvent-free rosin and sealed in cannabis leaves.

According to Gold Leaf Gardens, "Every Leira cannabis cigar is painstakingly hand-crafted over months before they reach the consumer. With some specimens selling for many thousands of dollars, it is no exaggeration to say that a LEIRA stands alone as the worlds first true luxury item. As rare as they are beautiful, it has now become an event when they are periodically released, with collectors lining up outside of stores for the opportunity to acquire one. Their notoriety has been featured nationally in outlets such as Forbes, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal."

Contact us or check our menu to see if we have Gold Leaf Gardens cannabis cigars in stock. 

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