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Vendor Spotlight: Canna Organix
January 2, 2020
Canna Organix is a Washington state-based cannabis grower, manufacturer, and distributor, known for their top-shelf flower, super-potent concentrates, and premium vape cartridges. Thanks to their incredible work and explosive growth, you can now find Canna Organix products in dispensaries all across the west coast, including right here at Clear Choice! Grown With Passion, Grown With […]
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Vendor Spotlight: Artizen
November 21, 2019
At Clear Choice, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve cultivated with some of the best local cannabis growers and product manufacturers in Washington. This week, we’re showcasing one of Washington’s premium distributors of pre-packaged cannabis, Artizen. With innovative designer strains and top-quality iterations of cannabis classics, these products are guaranteed to result in a […]
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Vendor Spotlight: AiroPro Vaporizers
November 7, 2019
AiroPro have committed themselves to providing the best oil vaping experience possible. Their meticulously designed vape unit is paired with their exclusive and delicious cartridges to produce a truly innovative and pleasant vaping experience. Revolutionary Vaping Technology The AiroPro vaporization system has been specifically designed for maximum convenience and usability. The AiroPro is capable of […]
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Clear Choice Vendor Spotlight: The High-Tech Extracts of Seattle’s Refine
September 5, 2019
We love the old-fashioned thrill of crumbling fresh and fragrant flower into a pipe as much as the next budtender, but one of the most exciting aspects of being in the cannabis industry is discovering how cutting-edge science and technology are taking this truly ancient plant medicine to the next level. It’s no exaggeration to […]
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Clear Choice Vendors in the Spotlight: Hellavated Pax Era Pods
June 27, 2019
One of the big upsides of the Green Revolution is the way technology is changing (and even improving!) how we enjoy cannabis. This week, we’re going to take a deep dive with Hellavated, an innovative and forward-looking company producing pods for the Pax Era system. The Pax Era, if you’re not aware, is a sleek […]
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