Vendor Spotlight: Artizen

November 21, 2019

At Clear Choice, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve cultivated with some of the best local cannabis growers and product manufacturers in Washington. This week, we’re showcasing one of Washington’s premium distributors of pre-packaged cannabis, Artizen. With innovative designer strains and top-quality iterations of cannabis classics, these products are guaranteed to result in a memorable experience.

About Artizen

Artizen logo

Operating in the state of Washington for over 5 years, Artizen has established itself as a leader in Washington’s packaged cannabis industry. From the early days of its inception, the company has placed an emphasis on offering high-class cannabis that seeks to capture the attention of cannabis connoisseurs the world over.

With cutting edge technology, Artizen controls every aspect of the cannabis growing process to create unique and eye-catching strains that stand out on dispensary shelves. This attention to detail and willingness to experiment has allowed the company to carve out a successful niche in the increasingly competitive Washington cannabis industry.

According to the Artizen website, the “zen” in the name refers to the company’s philosophy. The company’s expert growers are encouraged to “emphasize a calm, thoughtful approach - one attuned to the natural aspects of growing plants”. This relaxed, methodical mindset is intended to ensure the greatest possible quality for Artizen products.

Signature Products

Artizen’s greatest strength is perhaps its roster of intriguing and scintillating strains. From Cookies and Cream, a mind-bending hybrid of the Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies strains, to the lemony Allen Wrench, a popular sativa that Artizen has perfected, these products will grab your attention wherever they’re sold. Grape Ape is known as their flagship indica strain, while specially-modified high-CBD strains like Critical Mass and Mango Haze can be ideal catalysts for rest and relaxation.

Artizen 2
Source: Artizen

Artizen Flower

Pack your favorite Clear Choice hand-blown glass piece with some tasty Cookies and Cream or get galactic with some Space Queen. Artizen's buds can help you explore the different dimensions of your mind, sink into the couch with a fave flick, or get stuff done—just pick your effect and then check the makeup of their amazing strains on our dispensary menu!

Artizen Pre-Rolls

We love making life easier, and pre-rolls do just that. Artizen's high-quality pre-rolls are great for when you don't want to think about doing anything, including packing a bowl. Just light, and enjoy.

Artizen pre-rolls come two to a pack (so feel free to share!), and are sold by strain. They're a great way to try a new strain before committing to a larger purchase, too. You can stock up on some Blue Widow, CBD Critical Mass, Galactic Glue, and more. There's a joint for every occasion.

Where to Find Artizen Products

While Artizen may expand its operations in the future, currently their products can only be found at cannabis retail outlets across Washington. You can grab yours at our Tacoma or Bremerton dispensaries!

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