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Next Steps on Deciding on Out-of-State Cannabis Owners in Washington
Out-of-State Owners in Washington Is it true that Washington state produces more cannabis than is bought and sold by our consumers? Well, that is what Eric Gaston, a local retailer, says to justify his opposition to allowing out-of-state investors into our local market. The polarizing argument has been at the forefront of conversation for quite […]
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What Washington State Did to Protect Their Legal Cannabis Market
Washington Introduces House Bill 1895 Many states in the U.S. are anxiously awaiting clarification on where our new administration under President Trump stands on cannabis, but Washington state isn’t sitting by idly waiting for their first move. Introducing House Bill 1895, bipartisan legislation that would bar state officials from cooperating with the feds - therefore […]
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Trump Administration Deletes Cannabis Opposition From
No one has a solid grasp on what policies President Donald Trump plans to impose on cannabis regulation. During the campaign trail as the Republican presidential nominee, Mr. Trump clearly stated that he supported the use of medical cannabis. He added that cannabis legislation should be enacted by the states. Further, during an interview with […]
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Trump Attorney General Pick Says Congress Needs To Legalize Cannabis
During U.S. Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing this month, the Senator told Congress that if the states prefer to keep the possession, sale, and distribution of cannabis legal then Congress should pass a law that makes it legal at the federal level. "The United States Congress has made the possession of marijuana […]
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State Of The Leaf: 2016 Washington State Cannabis Year In Review
2016 was an historic year for cannabis, not just in Washington, but across the country. The industry made news with state ballot initiatives making a winning sweep in eight out of ten states. The victories were tempered, of course, with the surprise election of Donald Trump. So what were some of the biggest stories of […]
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Washington Liquor Stores More Likely to Sell to Minors Than Cannabis Retailers
The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board recently published a report that found it’s a (little bit) easier for minors (under 21 years of age) to buy liquor and tobacco from liquor stores than trying to purchase cannabis from adult-use cannabis stores. This is good news in light of reports that the price of pot […]
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Medical Cannabis May Become More Affordable for Low Income Patients in Washington
Medical cannabis is now legal in 28 states across the country, however, cannabis is still technically illegal on a federal basis. Federal illegality limits options for patients who are of modest financial means to pay for their medicine. Other patients have a wide array of special programs available to them from pharmaceutical companies, charitable organizations, […]
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Trump's Choice To Head DHS Supports Medical Cannabis
Last Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump appointed retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly to head the the Department of Homeland Security. Gen. Kelly was stationed in Miami leading the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), which orchestrates military operations in Central America, the Caribbean and South America. SOUTHCOM has military personnel collaborate with federal agencies to train Latin […]
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Study Finds Cannabis To Be A Exit Drug, Not A Gateway Drug
A new study reports that cannabis use may help free people of their addictions to alcohol and opioids. The research team, led by Zach Walsh, associate professor of psychology at the University of British Colombia (UBC), studied 60 articles on both therapeutic and non-therapeutic cannabis use related to mental health. "Research suggests that people may […]
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