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How Has Cannabis Legalization Changed Washington’s Landscape?
November 28, 2016
Washington State has certainly been a trendsetter in the reformation of cannabis legalization laws. During the most recent election, eight states had propositions to legalize adult-use or medical cannabis. Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota voted to legalize medical cannabis, while California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted to join Washington State by legalizing adult-use cannabis for adults […]
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Cannabis Arrests Plummet in Washington State After Legalization, Report Finds
November 2, 2016
Court filings for cannabis offenses dropped by 98 percent the year after cannabis legalization, according to a report recently released by the Drug Policy Alliance. In 2011, there were 6,879 cannabis-related court filings in Washington State. In 2013, the first full year after legalization, there were a mere 120 court filings for cannabis offenses. Cannabis […]
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Is Washington’s Medical Marijuana Industry Dying?
October 27, 2016
In Marijuana Business Daily, reporter John Schroyer penned a seemingly ominous warning in his article, Medical Cannabis Industry in Washington State on Life Support. Schroyer argues the medical cannabis industry is (essentially) dying in Washington State. Quite a bold statement, and if true, it’s one with serious implications; not just in Washington, but the country as a […]
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Nearly 60 percent of Americans Want Cannabis Legalized, New Poll Shows
October 13, 2016
With several states set to vote on cannabis related bills in November, support for legalization of cannabis is higher than ever. The Pew Research Center found that 57 percent of U.S. adults now think that cannabis use should be legal in a study that surveyed 1,201 U.S. adults; 37 percent of American adults responded that […]
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WikiLeaks Exposes Hypocrisy of an Alcohol Industry Fighting Cannabis Legalization
August 26, 2016
It should be no surprise: “Big Booze” hates cannabis. Cannabis, notably safer than alcohol (by every measure), poses a threat to the alcohol industry’s bottom line. So it should come as no surprise that a recent report by citing leaks from infamous whistle-blower website — WikiLeaks — shows that the alcohol industry is spending big […]
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DEA’s Decision to Keeping Cannabis a Schedule I Drug Proves System is Broken
August 18, 2016
The medical marijuana community was disappointed to learn the nation’s top drug law enforcement agency — the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) — decided against keeping cannabis a Schedule I drug (a schedule reserved for the “most dangerous drugs” that have no “accepted medical use’ —  like heroin), to a lower schedule, like Schedule II (“high […]
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Seattle Times Endorses Federal Banking Reform for Cannabis Businesses
July 22, 2016
The largest newspaper in Washington State, the Seattle Times, has officially endorsed a federal reformation of banking laws that disallow financial institutions to provide services to cannabis businesses, even if they’re legal under state law. “Just four years after Washington and Colorado led in legalizing recreational uses of marijuana, the pot train has left the […]
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Pierce County Executive Vetoes Ban on Cannabis Retail Outlets
July 19, 2016
In an applaud-worthy decision, Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy has vetoed a council-approved measure that would have established a permanent ban on cannabis retail outlets, even if they’re properly licensed with the state. I am vetoing this ordinance because my job as an elected official requires me to advance the will of the people who […]
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