10 Celebrities with Cannabis Businesses

November 20, 2017

With the legalization movement sweeping the nation, many new opportunities in the cannabis business are popping up in states that have just gone recreational. Everyone wants a slice of the wealth associated with this vast, growing industry—and between edible endorsement deals, “designer” lines of joints, and innovative new cannabis products, celebrities nationwide have been jumping into the market to establish themselves. Even rapper The Game has his own celebrity dispensary in Santa Ana, California.

Here are ten examples of celebrities who have their cannabis game on-point.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has been a pot advocate for a long time, and she isn’t shy to speak her mind about it. On The View, Goldberg has been openly outspoken on the issue, and her advocacy is now backed up by her own line of cannabis topicals, among other products.

Snoop Dogg

Perhaps the most openly-pot friendly celebrity in the world (besides Willie Nelson), Snoop Dogg has worked for decades to make his name synonymous with cannabis. Now you can take that authenticity home with you. Snoop Dogg has a long line of new products available including “Leafs by Snoop”, a line of joints, as well as edibles, shatter, and more.

The Game

Once a hardcore rapper famous for stirring up controversy, The Game has mellowed out in recent years thanks in part to his recent dip into the cannabis industry. The musician boasts an impressive line of high-quality pre-rolls and apparently has his own celebrity dispensary opening up in Santa Ana soon.

Roseanne Barr

Just like The Game, Roseanne has her own dispensary in Santa Ana as well, endearingly called “Roseanne’s Joint”. The former sitcom star and comedian has long been a high-profile proponent of pot, even running for President in 2012 under the slogan “Yes, we Cannabis!” A trip to her store will reveal marijuana goodies of all kinds, including chocolate-covered almond edibles and some very good flower.

Willie Nelson

This one is almost an afterthought, as America has known Willie Nelson as the King of Cannabis for decades. In recent years, though, the immutable singer-songwriter has leveraged his brand into a line of fine cannabis products called Willie’s Reserve, meaning you can enjoy vapes, joints, and edibles approved by the man himself. If an endorsement like that doesn’t mean anything to you, nothing will.

Tommy Chong

One of the earliest entries into the cannabis game, Tommy Chong has built a career on contributing to stoner culture as one half of the smash-hit comedy duo, Cheech and Chong. Currently, however, the actor and comedian has parlayed his influence with stoners into his own celebrity dispensary, selling a variety of marijuana items, including Chong’s Choice, a line of packaged pre-rolls that are perfect for sharing or low-key toking.

Richard Branson

If anyone can afford to make his mark in the cannabis industry, it’s Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin CEO-turned-international mogul has a wide variety of investments in cannabis and has been one of the most powerful advocates of legalization worldwide, giving advice to political leaders and cannabis farmers alike on how to push the movement forward and make the industry a massive success. Recently, he’s taken to New Zealand, where he’s suggested cattle farmers start using their farmland to grow pot—an idea that is intended to greatly reduce environmental damage and potentially double the profitability of some farms.

Woody Harrelson

You might know Woody Harrelson as the lovable bartender from Cheers or the serious-looking guy in the movies, but in reality, he’s actually just a mellow, laid-back dude with a serious love of pot. Woody is an infamous stoner in Hollywood, and even though he recently claimed to have quit cannabis, he’s admitted that he can’t stay away for long. And why should he, now that there’s money to be made? The actor is apparently looking to open his own celebrity dispensary in Hawaii soon, where the medical marijuana industry has just been permitted to expand by the local government.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz made news a couple years ago when he was looking for a professional blunt roller to handle his smoke sessions; now, he’s got his own brand of beautifully-packaged bud and extracts which are available in recreationally-legal states around the country, particularly in California and Colorado. While he might not know how to roll a blunt, he certainly knows how to grow some flower, as his products have gotten great reviews across the cannabis world.

Ghostface Killah

While Ghostface Killah might have an intimidating name, he is clearly interested in helping people. His new line of CBD oil and other infused products were designed with medicine in mind. CBD is widely-known as a remarkable agent of healing, and Ghostface’s “Wu Goo” is potent enough to treat a wide variety of conditions, making it a great choice for patients with serious problems.

Even with so many well-known names in cannabis, the list is only expected to expand as the legalization movement marches forward and the business becomes friendlier to newcomers. Expect some interesting branded products to show up at your local dispensary in the near future—they could have been made by someone you know!

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