Who’s a Bigger Pothead, Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson?

November 1, 2017

For a long time, marijuana use in the U.S. was pretty stigmatized. Being known as a consumer of “the Devil’s lettuce” could tarnish your prestige or reputation. Although there are plenty of famous people who have admitted to smoking pot today, including a few Presidents of the United States, none are better known for their love of cannabis than pot’s biggest poster-children: Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. Maybe Cheech and Chong are more famous for being potheads, but Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson brought cannabis into a more mainstream light way before Malia Obama was smoking in public at Coachella. But at the end of the day, which one has more of a passion for the grass? Let’s take a closer look.

Snoop Dogg

It’s hard to think of a name in rap more synonymous with weed than the Doggfather, Snoop Dogg. Snoop built a career as marijuana’s foremost advocate in the world of hip-hop, popularizing that famous rallying cry for stoners everywhere, “smoke weed every day.” The man himself doesn’t just walk the walk though, he also talks the talk. Aside from having a strain named after him, Snoop also has a line of high-end marijuana products featuring top-shelf bud in the form of pre-rolls, edibles, and more servicing the state of Colorado. There probably isn’t a bigger celebrity with as large of a presence in pot, and Snoop’s hands in the marijuana industry are only expected to dig deeper as legalization proceeds across the country, so expect Snoop-brand dispensaries soon.

Willie Nelson

While Willie Nelson might not be as well-known to younger audiences as Snoop, the man is a legend in the cannabis world. Nelson is known to have a high tolerance and the ability to smoke anyone out, anywhere. In fact, he’s one of the few people Snoop Dogg has said can smoke him under the table. Since the 1980s, Willie Nelson has been a high-profile advocate for pot legalization across America. His outspoken demeanor towards the issue has sometimes put him at odds with the law. In 2010, Nelson was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, which he used to draw attention to the legalization movement. He’s also a co-chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, one of the largest marijuana advocacy groups currently active in the country.

The Verdict

Even though Snoop Dogg has more star-power behind his cannabis cred, Willie Nelson is a long-time legend that even Snoop recognizes as his elder in the art of smoking pot. Willie has proven that he can handle a heavier high than Snoop in their many sessions together, as the two are good friends who get together frequently to get stoned and reminisce about their careers in making music. So while both have done mountains of good work for the cause of cannabis legalization and acceptance in America and around the world, the prize for “bigger pothead” has to go to Willie. The Doggfather himself would probably concede that one.

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