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Strains Users Say Bring Better Sleep
February 4, 2022
Getting the proper amount of sleep is crucial for your overall health and your ability to participate in your work and the activities you enjoy. But according to the Cleveland Clinic, as many as 70 million Americans report having some kind of sleep disorder, with an estimated 10% to 15% suffering from chronic insomnia. There […]
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Take It From This Veteran: Cannabis Is More Than Just a Good Time
January 5, 2022
In the minds of many, cannabis is a mind-altering substance that’s just for fun. Throughout the years, it’s been the subject of countless pop culture jokes and has a reputation for being the substance of choice for people seeking a laid-back lifestyle filled with relaxation. But the truth is that cannabis is enormously helpful as […]
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Clear Choice’s Best Cannabis Gifts for This Year
December 16, 2021
The holiday shopping season is upon us once again, but rather than join the rush to the mall for another generic sweater, consider giving the cannabis lover in your life something they’ll really enjoy from Clear Choice Cannabis in Tacoma and Bremerton. The incredible selection of cannabis products has something for everyone, regardless of their […]
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Movie Magic: The Best Rom-Coms to Watch While High
February 13, 2020
Finding good movies to watch while high is practically a cannabis pastime, and in recent years access to hit films has expanded exponentially thanks to non-stop streaming platforms. This V-day, why not hunker down with some yummy chocolate edibles and rom-com? Here are some fun ones to watch while high. What While High: Love Actually […]
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In the Mood for Love: Our Best Cannabis-Infused Chocolates For Valentine’s Day
February 6, 2020
We don’t think you need an excuse to indulge in cannabis-infused chocolate edibles, but Valentine’s Day is definitely the time to try one! Dozens of local chocolatiers are creating fantastically rich, luscious chocolates. And with dozens of options ranging from dark to light, high-THC to high-CBD and everything in-between, we’re pretty sure you’ll find just […]
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Relaxing Refreshments: How to Make a Cannabis Smoothie
January 30, 2020
When it comes to edibles, most cannabis consumers imagine tantalizing baked goods like brownies, cookies, cupcakes. However, the modern cannabis market has made an entire world of new edible concoctions possible, including a wide array of THC-rich refreshments. Infused smoothies, for example, can serve as a relatively quick and simple method of dosing that can […]
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How to Use Rosin
January 16, 2020
Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is prized for its purity, potency, flavor, and simplicity. While most people prefer to dab or vape rosin, there are actually several different ways to enjoy it. Keep reading to find out more about how to use rosin! What Is Rosin? Rosin is a clean and potent cannabis concentrate […]
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Vendor Spotlight: Canna Organix
January 2, 2020
Canna Organix is a Washington state-based cannabis grower, manufacturer, and distributor, known for their top-shelf flower, super-potent concentrates, and premium vape cartridges. Thanks to their incredible work and explosive growth, you can now find Canna Organix products in dispensaries all across the west coast, including right here at Clear Choice! Grown With Passion, Grown With […]
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Exercising with Cannabis: Tips for Working Out High
December 26, 2019
In the age of recreational legalization, cannabis can be applied to almost any activity. Indica strains are perfect for relaxing on the couch after a long day of work, while sativas and hybrids suit a range of adventurous endeavors. In fact, many exercise enthusiasts have found that working out high can be a fun and […]
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