Are Edibles Safe For Seniors? Yes, But Check With a Doctor

September 7, 2023

Hey there, cannabis enthusiasts and the canna-curious! Today we're focusing on a topic that many of our lovely seniors have been asking about: "Are edibles safe for seniors?" Let's get right into it!

The Short Answer: Yes, But Doctor's Orders First

If you're a senior citizen who's intrigued by the benefits of cannabis, then you're in the right place. The short answer is that yes, edibles can be a safe and effective way for seniors to delve into the world of cannabis. However, it's crucial to keep your healthcare provider in the loop before you start trying them out.

Why Edibles Could Be Your Go-To

One of the biggest advantages of edibles is their accessibility. They come in many delicious shapes and sizes like brownies, gummies, and even infused teas. You don't have to smoke anything, which is a great relief for those with respiratory problems or those who simply aren't keen on inhaling smoke.

Long-Lasting Effects for Extended Relief

Another perk of edibles is that they offer prolonged effects. Unlike inhalation methods that hit you quickly but fade faster, the effects of edibles are typically slower to kick in but last for a more extended period. This can be especially beneficial for seniors dealing with chronic pain or sleep issues.

The Dosage Game: Less is More

Now, let's talk about one of the most crucial aspects: dosage. Edibles are not the time to go big or go home; less is definitely more. Especially for the seniors new to cannabis, a minimal dosage of around 2.5 to 5 mg of THC is recommended. Wait for a good few hours before you decide if you'd like to take a bit more, as edibles take time to metabolize. Check out our guide how long do edibles last for more information

Potential Side Effects: The Flip Side of the Coin

It's always good to look at both sides of the story, right? While edibles offer many benefits, there are potential side effects to be aware of. Some people experience dizziness, dry mouth, or, on rare occasions, mild paranoia. Monitoring how your body reacts is key to a positive experience.

Importance of Individual Health Conditions

If you're already on medications for other health issues, it's especially important to consult a healthcare provider. The interaction between cannabis and other medicines could be a concern and only a medical professional can give sound advice on that front.

Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Let's not forget the legalities. Cannabis laws differ from state to state, and it's important to be well-versed in your local laws. In places like Washington, cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use. But it's always best to check your specific state's guidelines.

The Clear Choice for Quality

While we're not here to sell you anything, we do want to emphasize the importance of choosing high-quality, lab-tested products. The cannabis market is flooded with options, so make sure you're getting your edibles from a reliable source.

Education, Education, Education

We're big on education because we believe it's the best tool to shatter the long-standing stigmas around cannabis. Knowing what you're putting into your body and understanding how it interacts with your system is empowering. And the more you know, the better decisions you can make.

So there you have it! Edibles can be a safe and effective method for seniors to explore the benefits of cannabis, but consultation with a healthcare provider is a must. Thanks for reading, and feel free to swing by our Tacoma or Bremerton locations if you're in the Washington area. We love meeting fellow cannabis enthusiasts!

Until next time, keep that curiosity alive and your spirits high! 🌿✌️

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