Strains of Weed That Won't Give You the Munchies

December 11, 2017

Everyone knows that weed is excellent at helping you build up an appetite. A lot of people even smoke weed because they want to get hungry. However, sometimes it’s easy to go a little overboard on the munchies, and some people have the opposite problem of eating too much when they’re stoned.

If you’re looking for a strain that will give you deep bodily effects without making you feel like there’s a pit in your stomach, look no further than these popular lineages. We've put together a list of CBD, THC, and THCV cannabis strains that you can turn to when you want to toke up without  getting the munchies.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick might have a fearsome name, but this bud is actually known to mellow you out and set you adrift on a wave of relaxation. This high is a little lighter than others. You will feel a pleasant buzzing sensation that arouses the mind and puts you in a positive mood. This is a great choice for new smokers and smokers who don’t want to overdo their snacking.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is rich in a form of THC called THCV. Like some other THCV cannabis strains, Jack Herer is known to have less hunger-inducing effects than regular THC-- although it's no less potent. That makes this strain a must-explore for consumers looking to cut down on munchies. Even beyond its unique uses, this kush is an easy, smooth smoke that is perfect for cutting loose at the end of a long day. Jack Herer is named in honor of a legendary promoter of cannabis and hemp who spent his entire life fighting for legal access to medical marijuana.


Remedy, while not particularly THC intensive, is known for its healing, soothing effects that relieve a myriad of conditions, including chronic hunger. This strain is packed with CBD, which is the source of its medicinal qualities. If you’re suffering from a bad headache or pains in strange places, you’ll want to consider picking up a gram of this from any local dispensary that carries it. The downsides: Remedy is great for dealing with chronic pain and hunger, it won't be as potent as some THCV cannabis strains.

Red Congolese

Red Congolese is known to not cause the same kinds of hunger pangs as other strains. This deeply energetic strain from Africa is more likely to send you for a jog than to the fridge. You’ll notice the flower lives up to its name as thick, frosted, red hairs coat this plant from top to bottom and lend the smoke a natural, sweet flavor.


This relatively recent strain has found an audience fairly fast and can be found in many dispensaries located in different pot-approving states across the USA. Coming from the prestigious “Tsu” line, Canna-Tsu is a medically-oriented strain that sharpens the mind and clears away any negative energies. You’ll notice that your whole being is centered and settled in a restful vibe, without any urgent cravings or increased appetite.

Enjoying weed doesn’t have to mean you need to stock your snack pantry. If you want to cut back on those munchies, make sure you give these strains a try!

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