Canna-Tech: What Are The Best Marijuana Technology Gadgets?

July 1, 2017

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand, so do the unique technologies necessary for the industry to thrive. From cutting-edge LED grow lights to top-of-the-line vaporizers, the advancements being made in cannabis innovation is almost mind-boggling. In the first half of 2017, several innovative new products have hit the marijuana market. Read on for a list of the five best marijuana technology gadgets out there.

Solventless Extracts

One of the biggest developments in cannabis concentrates is the development of solventless extraction methods. Rosin, which is created using heat and pressure, is quickly becoming one the most in-demand concentrates on the market. Unlike BTO (butane hash oil), rosin does not use any foreign substances in the extraction process. This makes rosin one of the cleanest concentrates available. New products such as the Tarik+Rosin press allows consumers to create their own extract right at home.

PAX Era Vaporizer

PAX has been a leading name in the cannabis space since the original model was introduced several years ago. The PAX 3 is designed for both loose leaf and extracts while the PAX 2 is strictly for flower. The new PAX Era brings the company into the increasingly-popular cartridge market and works with proprietary Era Pods that are pre-filled with cannabis concentrates. The sleek unit is a simple and satisfying way to vaporize extracts, which are available in a variety of strains from local dispensaries where the unit is available.

MagicalButter Machine

Cannabis-infused edibles have always been a popular way to catch a buzz, but the elevated dining experience in 2017 is much different than the pot brownies you made in college. Enter the MagicalButter Machine, an awesome gadget that allows you to create your own infused butter, oils, lotions, and more. This popular device is not necessarily new, but the current design makes it a must for any edibles fan. Simply place your herb into the machine, along with the substance you wish to infuse, turn it on, and in eight short hours, your deliciously potent butter will be complete!

LEAF Grow System

Looking to create a plentiful grow-op at home without the muss and fuss? The LEAF “plug-n-plant” system is a fully automated and responsive way to grow quality bud at home. The 4-by-2 foot box can fit two plants to yield 4-5 ounces of bud. The box contains an autonomous climate control system and an automatic nutrient dosing system. The LEAF system runs around $3,000, but fans of the device rave that it’s well worth the investment.

Luminary Beacon

Testing the potency of your cannabis is a critical part of the production process, and the Luminary Beacon is one of the easiest ways to get the job done. The desktop-style unit uses light to perform its potency analysis, reporting cannabinoid content nearly instantly. Samples are left untouched, meaning they can still be consumed - as long as the results look good.

In the rapidly expanding world of legal cannabis, the amount of impressive marijuana technology being released is mind-boggling. Vaporizers for oils and nearly pure extracts, automatic grow-ops, LED lights that mimic the sun’s rays, and apps that can run a dispensary are all being developed and released at a rapid pace. As the legal cannabis market continues to grow, so will the amount of amazing gadgets being introduced.

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