4 Tips On How to Store Weed to Maintain Optimal Freshness

July 14, 2017

One of the most exciting aspects of the current cannabis revolution is the wealth of knowledge we’re gaining about marijuana. Though researchers are gathering insights regarding its therapeutic potential in multiple areas, we don’t yet have a definitive answer on one simple question of interest for every cannabis consumer: How long does weed stay fresh?

Although it’s often processed into secondary products such as concentrates, tinctures or edibles, cannabis is, of course, a plant. And just like any other plant we enjoy on a regular basis—think of the farm-fresh greens you see at your grocery or local farmers market—cannabis has a shelf life.

The problem is that, from a chemical standpoint, we’re not sure what long-term storage does to the cannabinoids and terpenes—essentially, the “active ingredients”—in cannabis.

We have high hopes, so to speak, that continued research will answer that question in full, in the meantime, we can share our guidelines for storage with you. We’re confident that we source the best, freshest and most responsibly produced cannabis available anywhere, and it should go without saying we want to help you keep it in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Here are our best tips on how to store weed to maintain optimal freshness.

4 Tips On How to Store Weed

1. Keep It Cool, Keep It Dark

As with so many natural agricultural products, light and heat are the enemies of freshness. Even though all our cannabis is carefully screened for mold and mildew, it’s possible that spores can be introduced through slip-ups in storage or handling after purchase. These botanically bad actors typically thrive between 77° and 86° Fahrenheit, so the first step is to store your cannabis in a cool, dark place.

Additionally, excessive heat will tend to dry the terpene-rich essential oils that characterize top-quality weed; the result can be a smoke that’s bitter and harsh rather than flavorful and sweet.

2. A Little Moisture in Your Marijuana

Humidity is another important factor in cannabis freshness. In the past, this was a bit harder to control, short of purchasing specialized humidity-controlled storage environments.

Nowadays, there are several useful and cost-effective solutions on the market, including disposable humidity-control packets and small airtight storage vessels. Next time you stop by to see us feel free to ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders for suggestions and recommendations on the latest products.

3. Letting the Air Out

Many cannabis consumers turn to the ubiquitous Mason jar, as it’s readily available and can provide an airtight seal. Kept in the aforementioned proper environments, it’s a reasonable protective environment for cannabis.

If you’re serious about long-term storage of your precious buds, you may want to investigate vacuum-sealed containers, though that requires an additional investment of time and specialized equipment.

4. What NOT to do when Storing Weed

Although a refrigerator may appear to be proper storage site, the natural variations in temperature in humidity aren’t ideal for cannabis storage. The same goes for freezing—remember cannabis is a plant?—as the freezing and thawing of trapped moisture tends to physically damage fragile trichomes.

And finally, this goes without saying, but if you live with children or minors, be sure to store your cannabis in a safe place. We believe in cannabis’ therapeutic and recreational benefits, but only for consenting and responsible adults.

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