How to Clean a Bong and Enjoy Your Next Session

July 25, 2019

While the most common method of cannabis consumption may still be the simple pipe, bongs hold a place in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts the world over for their potent hits and easy-to-share apparatus. Plus, they can be beautiful works of art. However, one common complaint about bongs is that they can be difficult to clean, especially for glass varieties that can’t be taken apart to clear resin and other gunk from various nooks and crannies. For the distressed bong users out there, here is a simple guide on how to clean a bong and other glass pieces in the most efficient manner possible.

Easy-to-Clean Bongs

Before jumping into how to clean a bong, it’s worth noting that some bongs can be easier to clean than others. If you haven’t yet purchased your bong, stop by and we can give you a rundown of some amazing glass pieces and what it takes to keep them looking and working their best.

What You Need to Clean a Bong

Some users may just run their favorite piece beneath a sink, hoping that it will clear out the resin and other bits lodged in the bong. While this can certainly be convenient for cleaning bongs or pipes that have only been used a few times, when it comes to more “experienced” bongs, the best option is usually to use a cleaning solution.

As far as solvents go, alcohol or vinegar are more than capable of doing the trick in most situations. For more severe issues with residue, however, it may be necessary to use a mixture specially formulated to dissolve residue. A number of these heavy-duty “420 solvents” exist for sale on the Internet, though they can be more expensive than mere rubbing alcohol. Once you’ve picked out your solvent, all you’ll need are pipe cleaners, rubber or plastic gloves, fabric for plugging your bong, and baking soda.

How to Clean a Bong Properly

First, rinse your bong with hot water a few times, as this makes the rest of this process easier. Pour your baking soda into your bong along with your solvent and ensure each hole on the bong is sealed before shaking the bong for at least five minutes.

how to clean a bong closeup

Next, you’ll want to plug your sink and pour in the same solution you just used to fill your bong. Place your bong into the sink and allow your bong to steep in the solution for a few hours, with the amount of time being dependent on the level of residue present.

Finally, once your bong has been submerged for a long enough period of time, the final step is to drain the bong of your solution and take it apart to clean each piece individually. Of course, some bongs will have less detachable pieces than others, so be sure to run your bong under warm or hot water again to ensure that it has been properly cleaned.

Now that your bong is all spic and span, it's time to pack it with some good stuff. Why not try a new strain to really enjoy the flavor profile? Stop by Clear Choice Bremerton and pick one out, or browse our online dispensary menu!

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