Strain Review: Green Crack

July 7, 2017

This strain has quite a fitting name, as one toke of Green Crack weed will give you an energetic buzz that will have you on your feet, out and about. (Given the negative connotation of the term “crack,” many enthusiasts have turned to calling this popular strain, Green Cush.) This potent strain is considered one of the liveliest out there, owing to its rich THC content and its sativa-dominant nature.

You’ll want to enjoy this strain with a couple of friends; Green Crack’s frosty, crumbly little nugs are ideal for sharing. Green Crack was named by the most famous of marijuana gourmets, Snoop Dogg himself, who was impressed by its vivid effects and the intense, magnetic draw to this strain he experienced after smoking it. If Snoop Dogg is a fan, that means this bud is probably in good company.

Green Crack Genetics

Green Crack weed originates from Atlanta, where it was cultivated in the late 1990s as a descendant of the popular Skunk #1 strain. While its exact ancestry is a matter of debate, it is widely accepted that Green Crack incorporates elements of potent indicas into its genetic structure, including some Afghani landrace, which contributes to its buzzy effects which fill the entire body with vigor.

Green Crack weed has about 18% THC content on average, making it an exceptional sativa solution to your kushy cravings that blows weaker strains out of the water. If you’re looking to grow your own bud, Green Crack is also a good choice, as it is widely accepted as an ideal strain for newcomers to cultivate for its ability to thrive both outside and in monitored indoor environments, as well as the relatively short amount of time it takes to grow. In about 7 to 8 weeks after planting, you will have tall, bushy plants which seem to grow outward, producing vibrant, robust flowers.

Green Crack Appearance and Taste

The first thing you will notice upon examination of your Green Crack weed (aka Green Cush) is the earthy, natural smell emanating from its trichome-covered nugs which seem to lift you up immediately, preparing your body for enduring high you will soon experience. If you inhale its scent deeply, you can also catch a hint of sweet fruit, and others have claimed to sense a subtle mango aroma in this bud.

Its pale green flower interspersed with thick, auburn hairs is easy on the eyes, and you will admire its terse, compact structure which makes grinding and packing bowls significantly less of a chore. Upon your first toke, the average user of Green Crack is taken aback by its wonderful flavor, which is definitively less harsh than other bud as it seems to coat the tongue with the pleasant sensation of citrus.

Green Crack Effects

Green Crack weed will give you a jolt of energy, putting you in the right mindset for any manner of activity or creative endeavor. This energy boost makes it the ultimate morning strain for the cannabis connoisseur who likes to wake-and-bake, and one hit will set your entire day on a course for adventure and fun. Its scintillating effects seem to grab you immediately, giving your surroundings a happy glow and encouraging silliness when you’re hanging out with your friends or just chilling with your significant other.

If you’re looking for a social lubricant to add a little more fun to your life, you should consider incorporating Green Crack weed into your smoking routine.

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