Cooking with Cannabis: Making Infused Oil

May 30, 2019

As experienced cannabis connoisseurs are aware, the secret to cooking with cannabis lies with infused oil. Cannabis-infused oils are used in crafting many edibles, especially those created at home from scratch. While the activity of making cannabis-infused oil can seem daunting, the process is actually simple for those willing to take some time out of their day.

Cooking with Cannabis: Gather Your Ingredients

As with all recipes, the first step in crafting your infused oil is to gather the necessary ingredients. While there is a lot of room for variation in cooking with cannabis, and especially creating cannabis oil, the only requirements are two very basic components: cannabis and oil.

Cooking with Cannabis and oil

The most important aspect of hunting for ingredients is ensuring their quality. The cannabis and oil used in creating your concoction will determine your overall satisfaction when eating your edibles. Skimping on ingredients and opting for lower-quality options can greatly impact your edible experience.

Typically coconut or olive oil is preferred as the oil base depending on the type of dish you’ll be creating. Thinking of making some infused pasta? Opt for olive oil. Making some curry? Coconut oil is the ticket.

In terms of flower, not only is cannabis potency important in crafting an edible, but the variety of cannabis added is as well. An edible’s effects will be different depending on whether it is infused with a sativa, indica or hybrid strain, so choose your bud accordingly.

Infusing Cannabis Oil

First, grind one cup of cannabis flower into a coarse puree. Too much grinding will result in impurities being added to your edible, so make sure only flower is mixed with the oil when applying your cannabis. Next, pour both the cannabis and your oil into a slow cooker and heat on low for 4 to 6 hours, stirring every so often. The heat from cooking will begin to activate the THC, a process known as decarboxylation.

Cooking with Cannabis olive oil

To prevent burning, oil temperature should not go above 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Burning the oil is perhaps the most common way to ruin your creation. If your oil seems like it’s beginning to scorch, add some water and hopefully, that will save your batch.

Finally, strain your oil using a cheesecloth and then let it come to room temp before storing it. Over time, the collected remnants of any leftover cannabis can be used to make more oil, albeit with less potency than your current concoction.

Storing Your Cannabis Oil

Once strained into a jar or other container, your cannabis-infused oil has a shelf-life of about 2 months before it needs to be put into the refrigerator. Take care to store your jar at room temperature, as high temperatures can damage your oil.

Cooking with Cannabis oil

A glass container is the best type for storing since it provides little airflow and can keep the contents as fresh as possible. Most mason jars are great for this as they provide some insulation from any outside elements as well as ample reduction of airflow. Remember, this is cannabis-infused oil so your final product might produce an odor when opened.

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