7 Cannabis Strains to Usher in Autumn

September 22, 2016

Autumn is upon us! Leaving behind the long summer days, the leaves are changing. Next month comes Halloween, and Thanksgiving not long after that. While strains are usually seasonally neutral, there’s a few that seem ideally suited to best appreciate Fall’s distinctive characteristics, and of course to curl up with a significant other, around the fire or watching a Netflix movie marathon.  Here’s a roundup of seven cannabis strains that will make this Fall one to remember:

Jack Herer

Who doesn’t know Jack — the strain or the activist? This strain bears the fiery punch of its namesake — Mr. Jack Herer — who was known as the “Emperor of Hemp.” Herer, who authored the seminal book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, was a tireless cannabis advocate who fought not only to decriminalize and legalize cannabis, but to expand the use of hemp for industrial use.

A well-balanced hybrid that honors Jack's legacy, it has been characterized as producing a creative, energetic, euphoric high that will get your creative juices flowing. The high is distinctive, heady and cerebral. It’s great for Fall! Blaze before a trip to the pumpkin patch to get motivated and inspired enough to carve an mind-blowing pumpkin that will either dazzle or scare your trick-or-treaters.

While Jack Herer’s genetics are kept hush, most trace Jack Herer’s ancestry from crossing Northern Lights with the offspring of Shiva Skunk and Haze. Earthy, lemony, spicy and sweet — if it hasn’t already — this strain may quickly become one of your favorites.

Dutch Berry

Dutch Berry is one unique bud! A sativa dominant hybrid, it packs in some of the highest cannabinoid content you can find. Thankfully, Dutch Berry’s sky high THC (that can reach 27%) is tempered by an unusually high presence of CBD that clocks in at 8%. A sativa dominant hybrid that was bred by marrying DJ Short Blueberry and Dutch Treat in a tasty, frosty ceremony that results in one packed bud. Dutch Berry has developed an enthusiastic following, popular because it produces an epic “happy-happy” high. Our friends at Artizen describe Dutch Berry as “the happiest weed we’ve ever smoked.” Its rich cannabinoid content makes it a favorite for medicinal and lifestyle users alike.

Flavorful, and loaded with citrus and rich berry undertones to produce a giggly high — you just want to pair with a night in of pizza and a Seth Rogen movie marathon.


A high ratio of CBD to THC, Ozma turns the table upside down, and is loved by “cannasseurs” looking for a CBD-rich strain that can alleviate stress and anxiety, without overly powerful psychotropic effects. An enigmatic sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s a blend of several popular strains, including Sour Tsunami and Cannatonic. While Ozma hovers at a modest 3-5% THC, it is a strain rich in CBD, providing an intensely relaxing high that will put you in a restful mood and leave you feeling refreshed. It’s the perfect strain for lounging around the fire with some warm hot chocolate and a tasty brownie.

Alpha Dawg

Woof, woof! Alpha Dawg is in the hizzo! Earthy, pungent and spicy sweet, A-Dawg is a well-balanced slightly sativa dominant hybrid bred by crossing the epically potent Chemdawg D and Snowdawg BX strains. Given parents like that, you won’t be surprised by if you’ll get up to some mischievous this Fall. Alpha Dawg produces a high described as heady and cerebral with a mood boost, while stimulating creativity.


What’s not to love about this sativa dominant hybrid (90% sativa to 10% indica) from Blue Roots, a cross between Oasis, Skunk and Haze.? With its exceptionally high concentration of THC, novice users should use judiciously. This strain yields dense nugs with hints of purple hues and red hairs. Uniquely fruit forward and earthy with hints of berries which considering its ancestry, makes Hempstar a bit of an outlier. Prepare for a high that lasts several hours. Prepare to feel giggly euphoric, happy and relaxed.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a favorite among growers and concentrate aficionados (the large resin glands make this a great strain to extract for concentrates). An ultra-potent pure sativa hailing from the port city, Durban, in South Africa, Durban Poison packs a punch. No wonder it has built a loyal following among those who like a powerful high, but want to stay productive, or enjoy outdoor adventures. This strain is also known for promoting creativity, making it a winning strain to usher in the months of Autumn.


With a name like Cheese, you know it’s gotta be great for Fall! A hybrid from the U.K. Cheese is thought to hail from a Skunk #1 phenotype, with an Afghani landrace later introduced into the mix. Many tokers describe Cheese as one of the tastiest smokes they’ve ever experienced. Sounds strange (given its distinctive bouquet that may remind you of cheddar cheese). How very English? But, it’s actually quite delicious!

Cheese’s wily euphoria will work its way around your body and create a mental atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Be prepared for your appetite to be stimulated — perfect for all the Fall festivals!


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