Relaxing Refreshments: How to Make a Cannabis Smoothie

January 30, 2020

When it comes to edibles, most cannabis consumers imagine tantalizing baked goods like brownies, cookies, cupcakes. However, the modern cannabis market has made an entire world of new edible concoctions possible, including a wide array of THC-rich refreshments. Infused smoothies, for example, can serve as a relatively quick and simple method of dosing that can easily be integrated into your wellness routine.

Here's everything you need to know about making cannabis smoothies. (Yum!)

Ingredients for Making a Cannabis Smoothie

There's no point in making a smoothie if it isn't going to taste good or give you some nutrients. When crafting your cannabis smoothie, one of the most important things to consider is the quality and variety of ingredients used. There's no one correct way to make a cannabis smoothie, but the flavor and potency will be greatly enhanced by the choice of fruit and cannabis you use.

cannabis smoothie 2

Think up some funky fruit combos in the grocery store or at your farmers market. Beyond fresh fruit, your smoothie will require milk or yogurt (you can also use bananas to get the right consistency if you want to go dairy-free), a sweetener like honey or agave syrup, and a small amount of ice (or skip the ice and use frozen fruit).

Now, the important part. You can easily add a couple of drops of a tincture to your smoothie. Prefer bud? If you have some decarbed, ground flower, you can add that right into your smoothie. Alternatively, cannamilk can also help you get the right infusion down.

How to Make a Cannabis Smoothie

Once you have your ingredients, it's time to mix it up.

Add your ice, then your mixture of fruit, milk or yogurt, sweetener, and cannabis to the blender.

Turn on the power and blend until you have your desired consistency.

cannabis smoothie 1

Want to add some pop to your smoothie? Throw in some sherbert for a tangy tartness or garnish with lemon or other fruits for an Instagram-worthy look.

Making a Cannabis Smoothie: Best Practices

Fresh fruit can be pretty easy to find, though frozen is ok for a good smoothie. Just look for flavors that will interact well together.

When choosing cannabis, think about the effects you want from your smoothie before buying your buds or tincture. Indica strains are known for somewhat heavier highs capable of sedating the body, promoting rest and relaxation. Sativas, however, are effective at creating a headspace of vivacious creativity, providing energy throughout the day.

cannabis smoothie 3

Likewise, it can be vital to know the potency of the cannabis strain you intend to use. Some strains may possess enormous potency, making them a poor fit for newer or inexperienced cannabis users. Other strains may harbor little THC content at all, diminishing their effectiveness. Cannabis smoothies also have a tendency to be less potent than other edibles, so consumers should adjust their preferences accordingly.

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