What Are the Five Best Instagram Hashtags for Cannabis Enthusiasts to Follow?

October 4, 2017

In recent years, a lively cannabis community has developed on the internet. Across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, you can find cannabis lovers of all stripes and colors coming together to share pictures, videos, infographics, coupons and more related to one subject: their love of weed.

If you use Instagram, chances are you follow some popular cannabis accounts already, but in case you’re not too savvy, here are five hashtags you should be keeping up with on a regular basis to see what exactly is new in the world of cannabis and to see some amazing cannabis Instagram accounts. 

  • #cannabiscommunity

The #cannabiscommunity tag is one of the most popular marijuana-related tags on Instagram, boasting over 6 million posts added to it and growing every single day. You can find posts from a wide variety of cannabis enthusiasts under the tag;: people posting pictures of their bongs, dispensaries offering deals, cannabis-inspired artwork, crafts, comedy sketches, and way more. It’s worth just browsing through when you have some free time, and you can check back almost any time to see what is fresh in the general cannabis culture.

  • #710society

The #710society hashtag is dedicated to dabbing, and if you’re into that kind of thing, you’ll definitely want to take a look here. 710 is lingo for dabbing because the numbers 710 look like the word “oil” when turned upside down. Under this tag, experienced dabbers share their set-up and their experiences, creating a cohesive community you can probably learn from if you devote some time to scrolling through. You’ll find pictures of high-quality wax, shatter and hashish as well as incredibly intricate dabbing rigs, making this a tag anyone interested in dabs should check out.

  • #vapelife

Like the #710society tag, #vapelife is devoted to vaping, a practice which has grown exponentially in popularity over the last decade. #vapelife is an extremely popular hashtag, having garnered over 10 million posts so far and counting. People get very creative with their vaporizers, painting them or applying high-end customization to the design. While not every post is cannabis-related, quite a few are, and you’ll find many neat products related to vaping THC if you look deeply enough.

  • #hightimes

#hightimes has over 5 million posts to it, and for good reason. This hashtag is more devoted to the lighter side of cannabis consumption, more focused on memes and personal experiences than high-quality images of bud, although you’ll find plenty of that too due to the tag’s popularity. Many people use the #hightimes tag to document their daily lives with cannabis, including all the wacky adventures that an excellent smoke sesh can lead to. It’s a great place to connect with other people and share your excitement about weed.

  • #medibles

For edible enthusiasts, the #medibles tag features a wide variety of recipes, pictures and techniques that one might find valuable. Lots of edible companies use the #medibles hashtag to share their new or favorite products, and there’s even a chance you might find a giveaway or two if you get lucky browsing some of the pictures. Some of the examples here will definitely make you envious, so don’t spend too much effort trying to get your hands on some of the yummy and intriguing products showcased in this veritable wonderland of magical treats.

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