7 Classic Comedy Stand-Ups Inspired by Cannabis

October 10, 2016

It’s no secret: Comedians like their ganja. Comedy and cannabis go together like peanut butter and chocolate; like Amos and Andy; like Mary and Jane.

Finding seven of the funniest comedy routines about cannabis isn’t an easy job! There’s no shortage of material. And, this is by far not an exhaustive list. (We really should list the 100 funniest!) But, here are seven classics:

Dave Chappelle — "Smoking Weed With White People"

We don’t see enough of Dave Chappelle anymore. He hit it big-time with his Comedy Central hit, The Chapelle Show. Dave started on the comedy circuit when he was just a teenager. At 23, he co-wrote the seminal stoner classic Half Baked — about four slackers who decide to sell a little weed to bail out their buddy Kenny from jail. (Kenny accidentally killed a police horse.)

In the classic cannabis comedy, Dave explains the cultural nuances between how black people and white people like to get high. And, why he decided to only get high with his white friends.


Bill Hicks — “This Is Your Brain On Drugs”

Another comedian who was taken from this earth far too early. Bill was loved for his dry wit and priceless observations on the hypocrisy of the drug war. While he may have died too early, he left an indelible mark on the comedy world, influencing many of today’s most popular comics.

In this classic comedy bit, Bill shares how even though he quit drugs, he had one heck of a good time when he did them. And, why if it were up to him, why the last drug he’d legalize would be alcohol — he’d make cannabis compulsory!


Jeff Ross - “Decriminalizing Weed”

Ross is known for doing high-profile celebrity roasts on Comedy Central leading fans and critics to dub him the official "Roastmaster General." This bit may be too new to be considered a classic, but it’s definitely classic material. Ross explains why (if he was in charge), he'd let cops smoke pot (at least once in awhile). Join Jeff for a ride along with a couple of Boston’s finest, as his new friends in blue drop some unexpected science on how cannabis decriminalization has made their job a helluva a lot easier — and probably saved a few lives.


Katt Williams - White Friends & Weed

Controversial — but multi-talented — Katt Williams not only does stand-up, but is also an actor, rapper, voice artist (A Pimp Named Slickback in The Boondocks), and allegedly also a singer and . But, we love him for his cannabis-infused comedy schtick. Katt mentions weed almost as much as drops an f-bomb! In this set, Katt doesn’t disappoint and breaks it down in his unique style.


Louis CK — “I Can’t Smoke Pot”

As an actor, writer, producer, director and comedian, Louis C.K. sure keeps busy. But, not too busy to stop doing stand-up comedy. A veteran comic with stints writing for David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Chris Rock, C.K. has honed his craft! Little known fact, he directed Pootie Tang (2001). Haven’t seen it? Nor have we! But, we’re pretty sure his stand-up is better. In this bit, Louis compares the cannabis of today with the cannabis of his youth. Classic line: “I didn’t know that they've been working on this [weed] like it was the cure for cancer!”


Robin Williams — "Alcohol vs. Marijuana"

Tragically, Robin Williams had the comedian’s curse and left us too soon. Thankfully, he left us with some of the most classic cannabis comedy. In this classic bit “live” at The Met, Robin serves up his signature observational comedy. As one of the first (and biggest) comedians to wax poetic on his love for cannabis (and a few other inebriants), Robin was truly a trailblazer and American classic. He will be missed!


Doug Benson — "Melting Into the Couch"

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s and remember some of those totally obtuse anti-pot commercials, you’ll love this bit. Titan of cannabis comedy, Doug Benson, ponies up his wry observations on how ludicrous some of the anti-drug ads were — specifically the anti-cannabis ad that featured a catatonic melted girl who smoked a little too much of something. But, it sure wasn’t cannabis. Not even the most sticky Indica could induce couch lock this severe!

Jimmy Kimmel — “Have You Ever Smoked Pot?”

So technically, this bit isn’t a stand-up sketch, but it’s still hilarious! Watch as they interview unwitting pedestrians admit to whether or not they’ve ever partaken in a bit of the ganja.

Have a favorite cannabis-inspired comedy bit? Let us know and share in the comments section below.


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