8 Great Tips for Using Cannabis for Wellness

February 21, 2019

Cannabis has long been trying to shed it’s “stoner” reputation. Though getting bonkers stoned off of cannabis and eating the contents of your fridge is certainly an option – there are also many healthier ways to incorporate cannabis into your self-care routine. And it’s all about intention and awareness, turning cannabis from something that helps you escape into something that helps you engage. This week, we're talking about cannabis for wellness.

How To Use Cannabis for Wellness

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Not sure where to start with cannabis for wellness? Try these tips!

Get daytime-suitable strains or products.

There’s a huge range of effects that cannabis can create, and to use cannabis for wellness, you’ll want something that energizes and motivates you – not something to bond with your couch over. The line between sativa and indica is not as reliable as folks think, but go sativa if that’s the choice that’s presented. (Remember indica = in-da-couch) Ask your budtender for an energizing canna-purchase recommendation, and listen for the word “terpene.”

Know your dose.

Getting too high is not a great way to exercise self-care. You may have a negative experience and won’t be very likely to engage in wellness activities. You may find that you’re great at connecting with others and motivating when you just have a puff or two. Microdosing is a great way to employ cannabis for wellness.

Make a plan.

What will you do once you’ve had your perfect amount of cannabis? The options for cannabis-aided adventuring are endless, but nature is always a good bet. Take yourself on a nice hike, sit in nature and journal, or just watch the waves roll in whilst contemplating your philosophy on life. But your plan can also be work-oriented, taking advantage of boosted creativity. You might be surprised how ready you are to tackle your side hustle after connecting with the right strain or dose.

Treat what ails you.

Despite laws sadly limiting the amount of research that’s done, medical cannabis use is spreading like wildfire. This powerful herb works with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is spread throughout the body, enabling it to treat a huge range of conditions. From anxiety to chronic pain, and tummy issues to depression – cannabis can provide stunning relief.

Wind down before bed.

Cannabis is a pro at crushing sleep woes. There are many products out there that are formulated specifically for helping people sleep, made with strains high in sleepy-making terpenes like myrcene or linalool and cannabinoids like CBN. Edibles are also great sleep aids but, of course, try to find something low-sugar or swallow a tincture oil instead of taking it sublingually.

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Other bedtime activities.

Want to boost your love life? Cannabis can help. Indirectly, micro-dosing and using cannabis for ailments will make you more relaxed and ready to have fun. Using topicals and oils for massage is always a good option. And there are also tons of products on the market made specifically for physical connection, like lube and sexy bath bombs.

You don’t even have to get high.

Though THC is an excellent way to use cannabis for wellness, there are many options that employ cannabinoids that don’t have psychoactive effects. In fact, most cannabinoids will not get you high. CBD is all the rage right now, but also look into THCa, CBN, and CBG.

And you don’t have to smoke either.

As you’ve probably gathered from previous suggestions in this article, there are many ways to enjoy cannabis that don’t involve smoking – something generally avoided in one’s wellness plan. Nowadays there’s all kind of options, like vaping, tincture oils, topicals, edibles, or capsules.

Let Cannabis Help you Live Your Best Life

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We evolved alongside cannabis, brought it wherever our ancestors moved, and even sold it in pharmacies not so long ago. Incorporating cannabis into your wellness routine can be life-changing, stop by one of our dispensary locations to learn more!

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