Better Cannabis Brownies: Add-Ins to Take Your Bake to the Next Level

October 17, 2019

If you’ve ever made cannabis brownies, you’ve probably gotten a bit of a grassy taste with them. Especially if you just use a box mix with some cannabutter.

Of course, that grassy taste isn’t bad. It is, after all, precisely what makes them so special. But if you want your brownies to taste more, shall we say, gourmand, we recommend adding some special things to your mix.

Best Cannabis Brownies =  More Chocolate!

cannabis brownies 1

The number one thing you should definitely add to your brownie mix is chocolate chips.

You can choose which one based on your chocolate preference, but if you like that deep dark chocolate taste, we think Ghirdhelli bittersweet chips add the perfect oomph.

Chocolate chips can help mask the herbal smell of your cannabutter, while imparting some additional gooeyness.

Alternatively, you can add some mint chips, peanut butter chips, or caramel chips to impart some different flavor. Check out your grocery store’s baking aisle. You may be surprised by the assortment of chip flavors.


cannabis brownies 2

If you’re into spice, cinnamon is a delicious add-in for brownies. Sprinkle in a teaspoonful of cinnamon into your dry ingredients for a little kick. It’s a perfect addition for the fall or any time.

Cayenne Pepper

cannabis brownies 3

Want more of a kick? Add a dash of cayenne pepper to really take your brownies up a notch. And if you do both cayenne and chocolate chips, you’ll get a more dense, spicy dessert that’s a sophisticated take on the traditional cannabis brownie.


cannabis brownies 4

Are you a fan of Little Debbie or just recall the ice brownies of yesteryear?

If you want to up your brownies with some icing, whip up some chocolate ganache (it’s just cream and chocolate), or even use some marshmallow fluff (crumble some graham crackers on top to make them s’more brownies!).

You can also go the turtle route—use some caramel ice cream topping to cover your brownies and them crumble some pecans on top. You may want to serve it with ice cream to hit all the sweet tooth spots.

Cream Cheese

cannabis brownies 5

Cream cheese brownies feel so decadent. There’s at least one mix on the baking aisle shelves now, but you can also make your own by whipping up your own, even with a traditional box mix.

Peanut Butter

cannabis brownies 6

Ah, a classic. Peanut butter and chocolate is all heart-eyes emojis. To marble some peanut butter on top of your brownies, check out this recipe.

Even if you use a box mix, you can make the peanut butter mix to put on top.

Cannabis Brownies: Start from Scratch

Ready to skip the mix altogether? Good for you! Making brownies from scratch is pretty easy and you can better control the type of brownie you’re going to get (cue the old “cakey vs. fudgey” debate).

One-pot brownies:
Rachel Ray

Voted Best Brownie Recipe by the Kitchn:
Alton Brown

Make sure you have good cannabutter on hand for whatever recipe or box mix you choose. And good cannabutter starts with good bud. Before you start baking, order online from your favorite Tacoma dispensary!

PS. Want to keep your cannabis at its best for longer? Don't miss our comprehensive guide on 'Can Weed Go Bad?' for crucial tips to prevent your weed from degrading and ensuring its freshness and potency. If you are planning whipping up a batch check out our guide on how long do edibles last.

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