5 Strange Edible Products You'll Want to Try

December 4, 2017

In the past decade, the edible industry in America has taken off. It now produces all kinds of delicious, potent products for cannabis users to enjoy. While there are still plenty of “magic brownies” out there, you can also pick up edible gummies, drinks, pizzas, and way more at many dispensaries in states with legalized marijuana. Even better? There are a ton of places where you can buy edibles online. Read on for our top picks.

Clean Healing Pizza Sauce

You might have had one of those microwaveable cannabis pizzas before, but this product from Clean Healing allows you to make your own authentic, infused pizza with ease and potency. Each jar contains about 500mg THC, meaning this product is definitely for experienced users or light eaters—although, you’ll probably have leftovers for a few days if you use the entire container. You’ll want to make sure you bake the sauce before consuming it, so don’t use concoction as a dipping sauce. Just spread some sauce over a classic pizza crust, top with your favorite cheeses, and you’re ready for a truly special night with your closest cannabis buddies.

Magooch Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

This is a must-have for Italian cannabis users who want to bring a little extra spice to the cuisine of the old country. With cannabis-infused olive oil, you can make everything from garlic bread to pasta. What's more, this oil's effects will be as mind blowing as that pre-packaged cookie you bought the other day. You’ll be able to easily impress any pot-friendly Italian relatives with dishes like Pot-sta Alfredo or infused flatbread. It’s easy to understand Magooch’s logic in adding cannabis to olive oil; the possibilities are truly endless! If you're looking to buy edibles online, you'll have a hard time beating the versatility of Magooch infused olive oil.

Reef Jerky

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of sweets. In fact, you resent them. Luckily, there’s still an edible product out there for you from Badfish Extracts. Their “Reef Jerky” is extremely tender and tastes like actual meat (with a light cannabis aftertaste.) That makes this product a definite buy for that intersection between meat-lovers and potheads. But don’t be fooled by the silly sounding concept—this jerky is super potent-- it even won a prestigious award from cannabis aficionados High Times two years ago.

Cannabis Caviar

Why? That’s the question most people will ask when encountering this crazy cannabis caviar from Trophi. We can think of a few reasons: perhaps you want to feel fancy, but also want to feel stoned, too. Maybe your parents are wealthy Hamptonites and you want to get blitzed in the middle of a dinner party without drawing too much attention to yourself. Whatever the reason, this cannabis caviar will be there to help in more ways than one and could even help impress some rich stoners. Anytime you're looking to buy edibles online, you're going to be concerned about shelf life, right? Well, don't worry—this product is completely vegan. No baby fish were harmed in the making of this edible.

Uncle Bubba’s Canna-Chili

And now for something even less appetizing than cannabis caviar. With a name like “Uncle Bubba”, you have to expect quality, right? This microwaveable Canna-Chili will probably pique the interest of chili fanatics the world round, but for the rest of us, it’s likely best just to stay away. Although, if you feel like you have to indulge just once in this monstrosity of an edible, the experience probably won’t be too bad. We’ve all eaten some weird things while stoned before, so if by chance you happen to come into possession of a pack of marijuana-infused chili, don’t feel embarrassed to dive in.

What’s the craziest edible you’ve ever tried?

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