Finding the Best Vape Temperature for Your Next Session

July 18, 2019

With the advent of recreational legalization across the United States, vaping cannabis has become more accessible and more popular than ever before. Whereas cannabis vape was typically a homemade craft in the past, vape oil manufacturers now command a substantial share of dispensary sales where they are available. While vaping is becoming a cannabis pastime, however, a lack of information on the specifics of vaping still abounds within the wider community of cannabis users.

Best Vape Temperature vape oil

There are many tips and tricks to keep in mind when handling cannabis vape, but the most overlooked aspect of an ideal vaping experience is the temperature of the vape pen. Almost every vape user understands that the battery of a vape pen heats cannabis oil to produce the desired vapor. However, a surprising segment of cannabis consumers are unaware that the temperature on many vape pens can be adjusted to create drastically different results. Here is what you need to know to find the best vape temperature for your specific needs.

Adjusting the Temperature on Your Vape

While every vape pen is different, most will have a mechanism in place to control the power and temperature of a vape. To learn the specific method to alter the temperature on your vape pen, consult the manual or information card that accompanied your purchase if one is available.

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Some higher-end vape pens may have an interface that provides information about its temperature setting and other metrics, but the most common way to change your vape temperature is to repeatedly tap the power button. Typically, three taps will alter temperature, while five or more have the ability to turn the vape pen on or off. Once again, this will be different between many pens, and some pens may be simple and possess no extra controls at all.

Vape pens and batteries are usually imbued with three temperature settings: high, medium, and low temperature. These temperatures each have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on what an individual desires from their vaping experience, and the best vape temperature should be found in order to take proper advantage of cannabis oil.

Finding the Best Vape Temperature

Any temperature setting will work as long as your vape battery is fully charged, but adjusting the temperature allows a vape user to modify the amount and intensity of smoke inhaled. Depending on what experience a cannabis consumer is looking for, this seemingly minor alteration can make for vastly different results.

The high-temperature setting will create larger and denser clouds of vapor, making it ideal for individuals with high tolerance or those looking for stronger effects to relieve chronic pain or other ailments. The medium temperature setting will also create a lot of vapor, but its intensity will typically be markedly less than that of the high-temperature setting. It is worth keeping in mind, however, that while higher temperatures create more smoke, they also burn more of the oil, making them potentially expensive options for cannabis users on a budget.

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In contrast, the low temperature burns easily and slowly, drawing forth a moderate amount of smoke that will still easily deliver potent sensations to inexperienced cannabis users. This setting may be referred to as “low” by most vape manufacturers, but any setting will likely create more than enough heat to produce ample vapor. Always use caution when dosing with cannabis products, as just a few tokes are usually more than enough for users when inhaling concentrates.

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