How Does Cannabis Affect Motivation and Productivity?

February 1, 2018

When we hear lectures about the dangers of marijuana, the belief that marijuana “makes you lazy” usually tops the list of concerns. But recently, this common misconception has come under question. In this article, we'll look at several new studies that actually point to the opposite conclusion-- as well as which is the best strain for productivity.

Read on to learn how smoking can actually improve your focus and work ethic.

Focus and Concentration

While many believe that smoking leaves you scatterbrained and idle, some people have actually had great results with using THC to treat conditions like ADD and ADHD. In fact, many cannabis users toke to improve their concentration for tasks like reading, writing, or playing music.

Celebrities like Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith have built enormous careers without giving up weed. And that's no coincidence-- they attribute their success to incorporating marijuana into their creative processes. Obviously, everyone is different; specific strains work differently for people depending on factors such as body type and metabolism. Working while high might not be possible for you—but for a wide array of successful people, marijuana fits into their career perfectly.


A common argument from anti-marijuana activists is that cannabis kills motivation. After a couple puffs, they claim, all you'll want to do is watch television for the rest of your life.

However, one study found elevated levels of motivation amongst societies with widespread marijuana use. They observed avid cannabis use among Jamaican farmers that resulted in them working harder and showing increased concentration levels after smoking cannabis. This was measured by physical movement and caloric expenditure. In one 2016 medical survey, doctors set up two groups and measured their productivity and work ethic over time. One group consumed large quantities of medical cannabis while the other didn't—and the results were completely the same. In this 2009 study, marijuana use is associated with increased creativity.

The science is still out on whether or not cannabis actually improves these traits. Still, a wide array of personal experiences prove that cannabis won't necessarily diminish your ambition, motivation, or career prospects. In fact, we know that increased dopamine levels (associated with marijuana use) improve patients' motivation, as unhappy people are less likely to work as hard.

Best Strain for Productivity

So what is the best strain for productivity? There are actually several varieties that scientists believe lead to enhanced work ethic.

Allen Wrench is a sativa that is said to clear the mind of distractions and allow an individual to focus fully on the task at hand.

Other strains, like Jack Herer, have similar effects. You’ll most likely want to stick to sativas if your goal is staying active. However, certain hybrids like Dutch Treat or Chemdawg are also said to improve productivity.

You can find many of the aforementioned strains and more on Clear Choice’s online dispensary menu.

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