5 Best 420 Friendly Activities to Celebrate in Style

April 17, 2017

Let the weed celebration begin! As the cannabis market takes off to soaring heights, the 420 friendly activities are becoming more popular. When you’re thinking of the 420 holiday it may become a tad challenging to find the perfect place, the thing to do or to have the best set of tools for the best 420 experience possible.

It’s great to know there are festivals to attend, but when you want a change a pace or to find affordable ways to celebrate our important holiday then you’ll need to get a little creative. Grab yourself a coffee and spark up a blunt because here are the 10 best ways to celebrate 420 and enhance your holiday experience.

1. Smoke a Blunt at the Beach

What better way to celebrate 420 then at a beach? As you wake up in the morning to the whooshing sounds of waves, the sunrise beams brightly down to touch the tip of your nose. Its warmth caresses your face and you realize it’s time to celebrate with a sunrise smoke. A great and economically memorable experience comes from enjoying a smoke circle in the sand while playing hacky sack with the waves hitting your feet. Your time at the beach will make your celebration the one to remember for years to come.

2. Edibles to Enhance Your Experience

It’s not a pot celebration without edibles! Festivals are fun and are even MORE fun when you pop a high dose or two of edibles. Edibles come in all shapes and sizes, anything from chocolate bars to gummy bears. Just about any edible you allow to enter your body will rock you as the power of the THC gets you 4 times higher, just because you ate it.

While eating cannabis edibles you’re getting a different high than when smoking it. Smoking cannabis gets your high relatively instantly. Whereas consuming an edible will take about an hour to settle in. Which gives you plenty of time to smoke as your higher high begins to turn the volume up.

3. Munchies, Because What’s Getting High Without a Fist Full of Food?

Munchies are very important especially if you’re the one playing host to the fun filled stoner's holiday. When you have a group of people who expect you to cater to the needs of the day, it’s best you take a few moments to prepare your environment to handle the hunger. What are the best types of munchies to have at the ready?

Snoop Dogg has the right idea with his favorite stoner snack, Fritos Honey BBQ Twist Corn Chip is a good place to start. And since you’re beginning with BBQ flavored items, why not set up your lunch and/or evening with a grill and several BBQ appetizers? Perhaps you’ve made up your mind to host a barbecue on the beach with multiple blunts around a bonfire?

4. Travel to Another Legal Weed State

If you're reading this blog from outside of arguably the cannabis capital of North America -- Washington State -- why not visit a state that legalized weed for recreational use? Staying in a state that has over the top conservative law can interfere with your total enjoyment of the magic day of over-indulging the ganja. Colorado and Washington aren’t the only states to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes.

In 2017 there are currently seven states plus Washington DC where you can legally buy, sell and consume weed. The legal states are; Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington & Washington DC. However, only Washington, Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon have their recreational programs fully functioning. In the others, possession may be legal, but you can't necessarily buy it. Nonetheless, these states have vibrant cannabis scenes. Isn't it time for a little vacay?

5. Listen to Your Most Cannabis-Friendly Music

You’ll be a better person with some great stoner songs to add your canna party. Reggae tends to be one of the first go-to genres of music for the cannabis community. Reggae is popular with pot smokers because weed is essentially the central theme of Reggae tunes. Bust out some of the classics such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, or Jimmy Cliff. These Reggae legends are sure to inspire good vibes as you celebrate the substance that brings you even more good vibes.

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