The Essential Guide to Pairing Cannabis and Seattle Seahawks Football

October 30, 2016

It’s hard to beat Seahawks Season — aka “Autumn”! There are few things that rival catching a game a home game at CenturyLink. But, even if you’ve got to watch the game with your buds at home, or at a friends place, some good kush or a tasty edible will complement the game like few things can.

Sure, beer may persist as football’s go-to social lubricant, but for those of us lucky enough to live in a legal “rec” state, we have a few more options. For your Hawks viewing pleasure, we’ve put together the essential guide to help you get the most out what will sure be another exciting season! Go Hawks!

First off, let’s start with a few tips:

Make Your Fantasy Picks Well Before Game Time

There’s nothing worse than trying to make decisions last minute when you’ve got plenty of other things to prepare for. And, let’s face it! Fantasy football can be a little complicated, particularly if you’ve already imbibed with a little kush. So make your picks several hours prior to kick-off, while making sure you’ve set your best picks in place so that last minute changes don’t leave you scrambling. When in doubt, opt for players younger than 30 since older players are more prone to surprise you with a game-day announcement that they’ll be riding pine due to injury.

Stock Up Before the Game

There’s nothing worse than running out of gear in the middle of a game. And, of course, dispensary hours can vary. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stock up on your essentials prior to kick-off! You’ll likely want to mix it up with some tasty edibles and a couple of your favorite strains.

Prepare Some Tasty Treats

If you’re a “cannasseur” who knows how to cook, put your culinary skills to work and infuse some of those succulent burgers with a little kush or maybe prepare some Bloody Mary with a dash of Durban Poison. If you’re not inclined to cook — no worries — we’ve got you covered. See our recommendations below.

Arrange for Transportation Ahead of Time

Obviously, there’s no need to risk it. You don’t need the ticket; or worse, an accident. There’s no bigger buzz kill than getting a ticket for driving under the influence. And, remember, testing tools are far from perfect, so even if you haven’t consumed for hours and are aren’t buzzed, you could still trigger a reading showing you’re over the threshold. Trust us. Play it safe, and getting your transportation in order ahead of time. And with Uber, there’s no excuse not to!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are a few ideas for some of the best edibles and strains to pair with the game:

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

American Baked Co. makes some of the most innovative and creative cannabis-infused snacks. They combine local Washing butter, fine Belgian chocolate and some of Washington State’s finest cannabis deliver a tantalizing experience you won’t forget.
All their products are lab tested to ensure consistent dosing; so when the package says 20mg THC, it means 20mg THC.

The chocolate covered espresso beans will rock your world! Combining a trinity of dark chocolate, rich cocoa powder and just the right amount of THC, your tastebuds will be thanking you, and you’ll be well poised to engage in sports commentary, while not being too irie not to make any sense.

Dark Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

Another winner from American Baked Co.. It’s hard to beat a dark chocolate vanilla sandwich cookie while watching the Hawks hand it to the 49ers. American Baked infuses a little of Washington State’s finest cannabis with these delicious dark chocolate vanilla sandwich cookies, and voila — a taste of heaven on earth! With just the right amount of THC, you’ll be happy for hours. Consume two, and prepare for a more cerebral experience.

Tomato-Basil Soup

If you haven't tried American Baked Company's tomato-basil soup, you're in for a treat! Their tomato-basil soup is the perfect treat to tantalize your taste buds, while keeping you warm. Just add a little hot water for some mind-blazing good soup. Crumble a few of American Baked Company's parmesan crisps, and get ready to blast off!


Have you ever had a Sa’mores? Probably not like these Sa’mores from Honu. These delightful edible treats from come filled with the perfect amount THC to make you feel good and experience the game like you never have before. These gooey snacks are perfect for football — or trip into nature, getting baked by the campfire, or sitting under the stars at night.
Peanut Butter Cups

Honu also makes some killer chocolatey peanut butter cups. They make look innocent enough, but trust us when we say they punch quite a kick. Shortly after eating a couple of these bad boys, and prepare to send your whole body on a vivid trip through explosive euphoria. Eat too many, and you may just think you’re on the field leading the Hawks to another “W.”

Granola Bites: Cherry

Much loved Magic Kitchen makes some of the best granola you can find. Magic Kitchen crafts their granola with love. And, the twist of cherry and potent infusion of THC in every bite, makes this granola essential eating to pair with Seahawks football. Just don’t get carried away! Eat too many, and you may think you’re watching the Sounders instead of the Seahawks — so take it easy!

DJ Short Blueberry (Flower)

a heavily indica-dominant hybrid named after its creator, DJ Short, DJ Short Blueberry is the perfect strain for the Hawks fan who wants to lay low and immerse themselves in the couch. Rich in myrcene (a terpene) and THC content that regularly exceeds 17%, you’ll quickly feel an intense bout of heady euphoria and restful relaxation. And, you’ll definitely develop a case of the munchies to help motivate you (if you even needed a bit of motivation) to chow down on your edibles and other delights. Did we mention the taste of homemade blueberry is a nice bonus!

Ozma (Flower)

If you want to maintain a clear head and don’t want to get too irie, Ozma with its 2:1 CBD:THC is the perfect choice. This enigmatic sativa-dominant hybrid blends Sour Tsunami and Cannatonic to provide an intensely relaxing high that will put you in a restful and relaxed mood, while feeling refreshed. It’s a great strain to ease anxiety during some of those tense games!

Durban Poison (Flower)

“Durbs,” as its loyal fans call it, has developed a loyal following. Durban Poison is one of the few unadulterated strains on the market. It’s ancestral lineage is simple; growers haven’t messed with its genetics like most strains on the market. The flavor profile is known to mimic its citrus aroma, and although its THC content regularly runs north of 20%, most people report this sativa gives them an energetic high.

So there you go! Enjoy the rest of the season. Go Hawks!


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