Pacific Beauty: The Best Hiking Near Bremerton

August 15, 2019

In the entire country, no state is more spoiled for natural beauty than the great state of Washington, and the cornucopia of hiking options available in the Puget Sound region is definitive proof. Residents of the city of Bremerton will find that many of these trails are conveniently located well within driving distance, providing easy access to some of the best examples of Washington’s robust hiking scene. For locals and visitors of the region alike, these are some of the finest spots available for hiking near Bremerton.

Hiking Near Bremerton: Cushman Trail

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Source: Trail Link via @val_edmonds

While Cushman Trail is designed primarily for bicycle use, hikers will enjoy this pleasant path for hiking near Bremerton. The lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest abounds throughout the Cushman Trail, with gentle green hills rolling along the scenic route.

Cushman Trail extends for a little over 6 miles, making this hike the perfect length for practicing distance runners or simply those who prefer long and thoughtful walks through an idyllic setting. The natural wonder of this delightful niche spot adjacent to Tacoma is capped off by stunning views of Mt. Rainier, which can be seen in clear view at many points along the trail.

Scott Pierson Trail

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Source: Flickr via @SounderBruce

Scott Pierson Trail is a somewhat unique trail, as the paved path’s primary attraction is the journey across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which provides a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound in all of its glory. The best time to traverse the Scott Pierson Trail probably falls around dusk for this reason, as the view of the sunset over the magnificent Puget Sound is a memory that will be retained forever.

Beyond the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the Scott Pierson Trail also connects hikers to a number of different amenities and destinations, like War Memorial Park or Cheney Stadium. This makes the trail an ideal option for any commuters who have stops along the path, although it only runs around 5 miles in length.

Ruston Way Path

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Source: Trail Link via @johndoreen

One of the most beautiful trails for hiking near Bremerton, Ruston Way Path is a relatively short journey that hugs the length of the Puget Sound for its two dazzling miles. While the trail will not satisfy marathoners looking to emulate their next run, there are a variety of stops along the way that provide opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and even scuba diving.

This historic hiking spot crosses a number of Tacoma-area oddities, including the incredible Bridge of Glass. The bridge, housed by Tacoma’s Museum of Glass, is a moving and eye-popping experience that combines contemporary artistic techniques with principles employed in the creation of stained glass. Also featured along the trail is Fireboat No.1, registered in 1980 as a National Historic Landmark. While the boat seems more like a work of modern sculpture, it stands as a monument to the engineering ingenuity of early 20th century America.

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