Medical Marijuana

Clear Choice strives to remove the stigmas that surround cannabis through education about its therapeutic value.

As a long-time advocate for patient rights, Clear Choice is a well-respected medical marijuana dispensary. In the decade that we’ve been selling cannabis, we’ve seen first-hand the good it can do for people coping with health issues. We partner only with high-integrity farms and producers to be able to offer the highest quality products.

We offer FREE medical consulting for medically endorsed patients. If you need help determining what products will best help you, schedule a private consultation with one of our medical marijuana specialists.
Clear Choice has the cleanest and most effective local, lab-tested cannabis flower, oils, derivatives, extracts, tinctures and edibles. Our collection includes a huge selection of medically suitable strains, as well as a wide variety of CBD products to treat conditions that traditional medicine often can’t.

Our trained medical marijuana experts will provide you with skilled, compassionate guidance. Discover which products our customers say give them relief.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or just facing new health challenges, our medical cannabis experts can safely guide you on your journey.

Our Consultants

Chad Miller
Tacoma, Clear Choice

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