Strain Review: Green Crack

This strain has quite a fitting name, as one toke of Green Crack weed will give you an energetic buzz that will have you on your feet, out and about. (Given the negative connotation of the term “crack,” many enthusiasts have turned to calling this popular strain, Green Cush.) This potent strain is considered one of the liveliest out there, owing to its rich THC content and its sativa-dominant nature.

You’ll want to enjoy this strain with a couple of friends; Green Crack’s frosty, crumbly little nugs are ideal for sharing. Green Crack was named by the most famous of marijuana gourmets, Snoop Dogg himself, who was impressed by its vivid effects and the intense, magnetic draw to this strain he experienced after smoking it. If Snoop Dogg is a fan, that means this bud is probably in good company.

Green Crack Genetics

Green Crack weed originates from Atlanta, where it was cultivated in the late 1990s as a descendant of the popular Skunk #1 strain. While its exact ancestry is a matter of debate, it is widely accepted that Green Crack incorporates elements of potent indicas into its genetic structure, including some Afghani landrace, which contributes to its buzzy effects which fill the entire body with vigor.

Green Crack weed has about 18% THC content on average, making it an exceptional sativa solution to your kushy cravings that blows weaker strains out of the water. If you’re looking to grow your own bud, Green Crack is also a good choice, as it is widely accepted as an ideal strain for newcomers to cultivate for its ability to thrive both outside and in monitored indoor environments, as well as the relatively short amount of time it takes to grow. In about 7 to 8 weeks after planting, you will have tall, bushy plants which seem to grow outward, producing vibrant, robust flowers.

Green Crack Appearance and Taste

The first thing you will notice upon examination of your Green Crack weed (aka Green Cush) is the earthy, natural smell emanating from its trichome-covered nugs which seem to lift you up immediately, preparing your body for enduring high you will soon experience. If you inhale its scent deeply, you can also catch a hint of sweet fruit, and others have claimed to sense a subtle mango aroma in this bud.

Its pale green flower interspersed with thick, auburn hairs is easy on the eyes, and you will admire its terse, compact structure which makes grinding and packing bowls significantly less of a chore. Upon your first toke, the average user of Green Crack is taken aback by its wonderful flavor, which is definitively less harsh than other bud as it seems to coat the tongue with the pleasant sensation of citrus.

Green Crack Effects

Green Crack weed will give you a jolt of energy, putting you in the right mindset for any manner of activity or creative endeavor. This energy boost makes it the ultimate morning strain for the cannabis connoisseur who likes to wake-and-bake, and one hit will set your entire day on a course for adventure and fun. Its scintillating effects seem to grab you immediately, giving your surroundings a happy glow and encouraging silliness when you’re hanging out with your friends or just chilling with your significant other.

If you’re looking for a social lubricant to add a little more fun to your life, you should consider incorporating Green Crack weed into your smoking routine.

Indica Weed Strain Review: Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is one of the most popular strains out there, and for good reason. This luxurious bud has a robust scent reminiscent of chocolate and is considered to be one of the best-tasting strains on the market, making it perfect for first timers who want something a little less harsh than other indica weed strains. Bubba Kush is a very aesthetically pleasing flower too, and you’ll admire its purple hues, thick orange hairs, and dark, frosted leaves.

Genetics of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush has a mysterious lineage shrouded in rumor and guesswork, but some believe that this bud is the descendant of a cross between OG Kush and another indica. Afghani Kush could also be in the mix somewhere.

This is a heavy indica weed strain and has 18% THC content, intended as a potent relaxant and night-time sleep aid. If you suffer from insomnia, you’ll definitely want to check out Bubba, as it’s known as one of the better strains for inducing drowsiness and giving you a great night’s rest. Bubba Kush is also considered one of the easier plants to grow, as it yields bountiful harvests, producing a lot of flower while maintaining a relatively shorter height compared to other strains. Furthermore, this is a plant that grows much faster than average, making it an ideal choice for amateur growers.

Effects of Bubba Kush

As a high-quality indica weed strain, Bubba Kush will put you out of commission for a while, so don’t smoke before attempting any intensive activity. You’ll ideally want to pass around a bowl with some friends, wading in the heady glow you’ll feel immediately upon inhaling some of this wonderful kush for the first time.

This is a strain that will build an appetite in you, and you should prepare for the munchies by stocking up on snacks before you dive in. The sweetness of the bud seems to seep into your mind, enhancing your taste buds and making even simple endeavors, like eating, rich with positive sensations. Soon, you will feel a pleasant melting sensation that wraps around your entire body like a warm hug and prepares you for an extended period of relaxation and cerebral enjoyment.

While you might not be able to operate heavy machinery, you can certainly pick up a pen or any other creative instrument and benefit from enhanced powers of imagination gleaned from this special bud. If you’re an artist or any other inventive type who uses marijuana for inspiration, Bubba Kush is an excellent choice. Its delicious taste also makes this strain ideal for cooking with, as the distinct, earthy flavor will prevent your edible from tasting too much like marijuana.

Bubba Kush is also great for healing anxiety, as its buoyant, mellow high soothes nerves and creates a headspace of good vibes. Pain and nausea will also ease themselves away not long after taking your first toke, making it an all-around remedy that will hold your hand through the worst physical conditions. Medical users should inquire about this wonderful kush and consider incorporating it into their herbal treatment.

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies? No, not those Girl Scout cookies — but, the epic strain that ascended to prominence just a few years ago. Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain hail from an impressive lineage — indica-dominant OG Kush crossed with F1 Durban.

The ubiquitous OG Kush, of course, comprises the genetic backbone of West Coast strains. While F1 Durban is the offspring of F1 and the legendary landrace strain, Durban Poison. (As a landrace strain hailing from South Africa, Durban Poison is one of the few unadulterated pure sativas in existence.)

Girl Scout Cookies is quite the looker. With various shades of light green neatly paired with orange and purple shares — and fresh scent — give it a distinctive appearance. Likewise, it possesses a rich flavor that Medical Jane describes as “brown sugar and pepper spice with a slight nutmeg undertone.”

Girl Scout Cookies: The High

By blending OG Kush and F1 Durban, prepare yourself for an intense, highly potent Sativa-inspired head high, with an Indica-influenced heavy body buzz. Most fans describe the high as pleasantly euphoric, cerebral while enveloping them with a feeling of full body relaxation. It should be no surprise, GSC has won many Cannabis Cup awards.

Earthy, pungent, and sweet, some of the most common adjectives to describe the high are: euphoric, talkative, and happy. However, many consumers also describe getting dry mouth and a serious case of the munchies (which can be a good thing for people who need to increase their appetite.

For patients looking for a strong dose of relief, GSC is a reliable and consistent strain that can alleviate nausea, appetite loss, and severe pain. It’s also a popular strain to treat migraines, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and insomnia.

What Are Consumers Saying About Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain?

Roxanne Lewis, the wife of a patient diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, credits GSC with helping her husband regain his appetite:

“My husband is a recently diagnosed stage 4 cancer patient. Eating, of course, is difficult, he's always too tired or feeling yucky. After losing 25 lbs (and he's thin, to begin with), by chance, we got this strain. Nowhere in the article does it say it, but this was incredible munchy weed. He's gained 9 lbs back in 6 weeks. It's been a blessing to him. I really wish it was more available in my area.”

On Leafly, another user who goes by “Vet,” and is a veteran of the Iraq War who is recovering from PTSD describes GSC as follows:

“Iraq war vet here, hooah. Just got back from my 7th tour of duty. Ever since #2 I’ve had severe PTSD/major depression/schizophrenia. Girl Scout Cookies really cleared most of it up for me. These meds are best used while writing lyrics. [I] was having a lot of pain in my body and now it is gone for as long as the meds are working. [It] won't bring back 1st Class Private Ludin, but it sure as hell made me forget about the day he left us.”

A recreational and medicinal user, Murfdog19, reports:

“I finally got my hands on the legendary Cookies, and I was not disappointed. The smell and taste are unique, unlike any strain I've tried. Many describe the smell like fresh baked cookies, though I'd describe it more as the aftermath of cookie baking. The high is very, very nice. Anxiety, stress, and pain disappear almost instantly. The head high is quite focused. The perfect high. I typically disregard trends, as they never live up to the reputation. GSC certainly lives up to its reputation. Highly recommended!

Describing the type of cannabis consumer who GSC was made for, Jake Browne, strain reviewer in residence at The Cannabist hits the nail on the head:

“If you’re a fan of super-racy, haze-like sativas, the punch from the Girl Scout Cookies’ Kush influence make this a nice change of pace. If you’re new to recreational smoking, avoid taking a sack of uncomfortable home.”

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Strain Review: OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most well-known and popular (highly potent) hybrid strains on the market. But, surprisingly, its lineage has been a closely guarded secret (or, rather, given its origins, no one can say conclusively). Nonetheless, many people (“in the know”) believe OG Kush is a cross between the hybrid Chemdawg and legendary pure-Indica landrace strain, Hindu Kush. Because “allegedly” (it could be stoner legend), OG Kush originally came from bag seed at a Grateful Dead show (back in the early 1990s), its lineage remains unconfirmed.

No doubt: OG Kush is ubiquitous, making up as Leafly describes, “the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties.” OG Kush’s scent is often described as “lemony,” “piney,” with “earthy” and “woody” undertones, suggesting healthy terpene content including limonene, pinene, and sleep-inducing myrcene. Unsurprisingly, given its ubiquity, OG Kush has spawned dozens of phenotypes, that reportedly count Alpha OG, Boss OG, Butter OG, Tahoe OG, Khalifa OT, and Triple X OG Kush (to name a few) among its ranks.

Boasting average THC content that usually exceeds 20% (and regularly approaches the high 20s), OG Kush packs a powerful punch! Given it powerful therapeutic powers, it’s a go-to strain for many patients (and consumers) coping with chronic pain and insomnia.

OG Kush Effects & High

For most users, OG Kush produces consistent effects: a well-balanced head and body high, complemented by with intense euphoria and cerebral sensations. OG Kush passionistas claim a few puffs will leave you in a mellow, trance-like state. And, often couch-locked (which could be a good or bad thing, depending on what your preferences are).

Given its sky-high THC potency, the uninitiated should tread lightly. Smoke too much, and you may feel dizzy or paranoid. Likewise, many users claim they get a case of dry eyes or evil cottonmouth following a few tokes. So keep a bottle of water nearby and maybe some Visine. Moreover, like many strains, it doesn’t affect all users the same. For many users, it helps alleviate headaches; some people, however, report they experience a headache after indulging. Of course, everybody’s physiology is different — so how it affects Suzy, may be different than Sam. Nonetheless, most people say OG Kush leaves them feeling happy, euphoric, and relaxed.

OG Kush also has a reputation for being incredibly versatile. This strain can also be used to treat a wide number of health conditions. OG Kush's robust cerebral effects make it a popular choice for alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. It’s also popular with many vets (and others) suffering from PTSD-related symptoms. Likewise, OG Kush’s pleasant body effects make it a consistent standby for those coping with chronic pain and movement disorders.

What Are Consumers Saying About OG Kush?

Of the nearly 3000 reviews on Leafly, most reviewers rate OG Kush as “exceptional.”

On its versatility, reviewer Retnolsmiff ponies up the following:

“The best strain of cannabis if I had the ultimate say so, the true definition of dank. Purchase in large quantities if possible, as it can heal in multiple facets. Can you work out after smoking it? Hell yeah. Can you sit on the couch all day and play the Playstation? You damn right. I love it, truly, and if it was all I could ever smoke, I'd die a happy and high fella. Peace to all.”

Reporting on OG Kush’s near-perfect head and body balance (and therapeutic versatility), LegitLogic says:

“Apparently got ahold of some very very very nicely grown OG Kush and I truly have to say this stuff is insanely amazing! Amazing balance between Head and Body, it totally hits you both ways...amazing for Migraine Headaches, Stress, Pain and Spasms. A definite must try especially if it looks as crazy as my batch did.”

Another reviewer, 420IndigoChild, credits OG Kush for helping him bond with his girlfriend:

“For me and my girlfriend, smoking is a bonding experience. After each hit, I love talking with her, Whether it be about our day, us and our future, or life experiences or little things. This weed is GREAT for that, take your time with it, take a hit from the bong and let it take its course and fully hit you before taking another. Experience each kind of high. Each hit you take is a different high, so love it, stay in it, then tell it goodbye…This weed is great to be open and intimate with...Save this for late at night, when the moon is in the sky just right, and you are ready to snuggle with the love, or the cats.”

420IndigoChild claims the “only downfall” is that OG Kush has the proclivity for making you sleepy (which, of course, is what also makes it a popular strain for insomnia).

Many OG Kush enthusiasts claim it helps them “kill two birds with one stone,” alleviating pain and insomnia.

Remember Cypress Hill? Watch B-Real on the Joe Rogan Show reminisce about OG Kush:

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Strain Review: Sour Diesel

Sour diesel strain review:   If you haven’t tried (or at least heard of) legendary strain, Sour Diesel, chances are you’ve been in a time capsule for the last 25 years. The ubiquity of Sour Diesel is profound. Not only can you find this tasty strain at virtually every dispensary in North America, but a ridiculously high percentage of strains out there also trace an overlapping lineage with Sour Diesel.

Cannabis icon and legendary breeder, AJ, is responsible for introducing us to this great strain. Although, AJ (humbly) claims he wouldn’t call himself the “creator of Sour Diesel,” but rather the “servant and keeper” of it.

One of the most widely smoked Sativa strains of all time, Sour Diesel — also often called, Sour D — originated back in the early 90s in, of all places, New York City. As AJ notes, it wasn’t hard to score ganja in NYC, but scoring quality cannabis was another story. Reports of Sour Diesel’s lineage are conflicting, but it likely traces its lineage to Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. Why is it “sour?” AJ explains “sour” made it into the name -- apparently, people would become bitter when they couldn’t find this highly sought after strain. “Diesel” comes into play because of its signature pungent, lemon-citrusy, diesel fuel-like aroma. The taste is sweet, with a sour citrus finish.

Denver-based comedian and lead cannabis critic for The Cannabist, Jake Browne calls Sour Diesel the Campbell’s Soup of pot, because “it’s one of the chunkier strains out there.” Browne waxes poetic on the virtues of Sour Diesel:

Recommending Sour Diesel as a weed critic is like a music writer extolling the virtues of The Beatles or a historian making a case for George Washington as a great president. In fact, Sour Diesel probably belongs on a Mount Rushmore of marijuana — a fake monument that I desperately want my picture taken in front of. You’d be hard-pressed to walk into a Colorado dispensary and leave without seeing some form of Diesel on the shelf, so I’d be remiss if you didn’t know how to spot it.

Sour Diesel Effects

Sour Diesel enthusiasts often describe the high of this Sativa-dominant strain as “energizing, dreamy, and cerebral.” Its quick action in alleviating pain, depression, and stress make it hugely popular for medical MJ patients. Although given its consistent Sativa-dominant properties, Browne notes, it “isn't the best at knocking out heavy pain, but it will provide a focused energy.” If you want to neutralize heavy pain, look to other strains, like OG Kush.

Boasting average THC levels over 20%, it can provide a potent high. However, as Smell the Truth’s Oscar Pascual notes, Sour D produces an “energetic punch of euphoria, making for a perfect daytime strain that encourages creativity, awareness, and concentration.”

What Are Consumers Saying About Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel boasts over 4000 reviews on Leafly, with most reviewers rating it “exceptional” or “outstanding,” and most commonly describe the effects as “happy,” “uplifted,” “energetic” or “euphoric.”

One reviewer, Dr. Zimbardo, offers up:

“Another of my personal favorites. Extremely cerebral whenever I consumed it, and, as many others have pointed out, there really is no "couch-lock." It makes your frontal lobe act in ways you could never have imagined. It's almost like Sour Diesel is a key, a key that opens up whole realms of your mind that you were once ignorant of. A++ ”

Another enthusiast, SexMetalBarbie420, credits Sour Diesel for helping her get off of antidepressants, lose weight, while giving her a big boost to her sex drive:

“This is my IDEAL strain. My god. I got off my antidepressants when I found this strain. It's all I smoke and I couldn't be happier. I feel sexier, I'm happy, I'm horny, I don't mind eating and yet somehow I'm losing weight. I love moving and doing this. Don't mind doing housework. it's absolute bliss.”

SexMetalBarbie420 is not alone in ascribing seemingly magical psychiatric powers to Sour D. Enthusiast, EMM says:

“If you are looking for a strain to help you with anxiety, being antisocial, high strung, quick to snap, depressed or unmotivated...this is the strain you should medicate [with]. It's tried and proven by many, and I keep going back to it because it's the one that gets your mind right. If you want to go from hateful to peaceful, then roll up and smoke a blunt of sour D.”

Want to learn more about the origins of Sour Diesel from its creator (and master grower), the legendary, AJ? Check out AJ’s video on YouTube:


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