Weed Humor: 10 Tweets About Marijuana You've Probably Never Seen

Most of us know and love Twitter, and sometimes there’s nothing better than smoking a joint and scrolling through your feed to see what’s new in the world. It seems like the denizens of Twitter like weed too, because there is an abundance of interesting and hilarious tweets on the subject. Here are ten tweets about marijuana we found that are share-worthy.

10 Tweets About Marijuana You've Probably Never Seen


Some people just want to prove how smart they are. That’s okay because recent studies have shown that marijuana probably grows brain cells (a process called neurogenesis). So much for the dumb stoner stereotype!


This one plays with the myth that marijuana is a gateway drug. We agree, Elizabeth, the only violent impulse marijuana gives you is the impulse to raid the fridge.


When you’re young, sometimes you can mistake everyday vegetables for marijuana. Just try not to do it at the grocery store like this guy.


Fans of the Lion King will understand this very well. Every high school has “that group” of kids -- and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you were probably in that group.


Cats are just so much more chill than dogs. They understand what it’s like to get high, considering their innate love of psychoactive drugs like catnip.


There is nothing better than relaxing on the couch while a little stoned. Or, while a lot stoned. Either way, video games are certifiably weed’s best friend.


Some parents are just way cooler than others. Chances are, if you have parents who like to toke up occasionally, you understand what this tweet is all about.


This one pokes fun at some of the hypocrisy in our government. On a related note, why is alcohol legal, but pot illegal? There are just some things about this country that can never be fully understood.


Everyone knows marijuana can make us forgetful, but it can make you more forgiving too. Who wants to be mad at someone when you’re high? That’s why even the stingiest people are usually okay with sharing their bud.


On second thought, maybe dogs are pretty cool too. If you ever catch your dog hitting up a dealer though, you might want to put down the weed for a bit, and pick up a camera to record him. Pretty sure YouTube would want that.

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