How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

A frequently asked about subject among users of marijuana is ‘how long does marijuana stay in your system?’ Maybe you’re interviewing for a job in the near future and know your employer uses a drug test, or perhaps you want to get an idea for planning out your next tolerance break.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to keep in mind that everybody is different, and so the answer will differ for each person. That being said, we do have a pretty good estimate of how long the average smoker should expect the chemical to stick around in their body. Depending on how the chemical is being tested, there can be different results for each individual.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?


Hair is typically considered to be the most effective test for determining whether THC has been present for longer periods of time. The average hair test can detect THC from about a month a half after you intake the chemical. Although, some with experience with hair tests claim that presence of THC can be substantially reduced by washing the hair with purifying agents like vinegar and certain heavy-duty soaps. There is no guarantee that this method would work though, and it could take hours to sufficiently scrub out any traces of marijuana.


Saliva tests are the least effective test, as THC does not last very long in saliva at all. If you’re a very light smoker, you could probably pass a test administered to you 24 hours after your intake; heavy smokers can expect about five days before they’re clean depending on their frequency of use, and never more than a week. You’re only likely to encounter this test if you’re being arrested for DUI, as it’s a favorite of roadside police prowling the highways for intoxicated drivers.


Urine tests are the most common type of testing for the presence of marijuana, and the ones most frequently used by employers for vetting potential employees. This form of detection is in the middle of the road as far as its ability to identify THC, and it can take anywhere between 5 and 63 days depending on the nature of your smoking habit to pass a test with a negative result. For the average individual who consumes cannabis, it will probably be a month from your last consumption before you want this test administered to you.


This is probably the most hardcore test for THC, as it is much harder to erase the presence of THC from the blood than it is to cleanse it from hair or urine. The one caveat to this is that marijuana does not stay in blood for very long, and infrequent smokers can rest easy after about a 24 hour period, while experienced users can expect up to a week or more before they’re clean. Detox attempts will likely be in vain though, as the THC likes to persist in the blood even when exposed to rigorous bodily cleansing methods such as heavy exercise, sweating, detox drinks and frequent urination. The best bet to pass a blood test is the consumption of fruit pectin, which is known to accelerate the process of expelling fats from your body.

Remember, the effectiveness of these tests varies from individual to individual. If you’re not a heavy cannabis consumer, then you have a good chance of removing the chemical from your system through a variety of detoxing techniques if you find yourself in a bind for time or simply want the peace of mind of knowing you’re THC-free for whatever reason. Keep in mind which type of test you’re preparing for, and you’ll have a better idea how long it will take for the weed to leave your body and escape detection.

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