Good Times at the Bremerton Blackberry Festival

Throughout the state of Washington, residents have access to some of the finest fruit and vegetable festivals in the country with local farms display their best products. The Bremerton Blackberry Festival is no exception. It’s a renowned celebration of Bremerton’s prowess at cultivating the humble blackberry. For those planning their visit to the next Bremerton Blackberry Festival, here are some things you should be aware of before you make the trip.

What is the Bremerton Blackberry Festival?

The Bremerton Blackberry Festival is an ode to Bremerton and the surrounding region’s appreciation for the special blackberries cultivated by local growers. After almost three decades of serving the Bremerton community, the Bremerton Blackberry Festival has become one of the most well-known destinations for family fun at the end of summer. Over the years, even residents of cities like Seattle and Tacoma flock to the festival for its reputation as one of the best events near the Puget Sound.

Bremerton Blackberry Festival 1

Source: Blackberry Festival Facebook

While the festival was largely independently operated for most of its history, it is now managed by the Bremerton Rotary Club, which has provided the festival with structure and organization since 2012. Even in the distant future, the community’s love of the Bremerton Blackberry Festival will ensure it remains a landmark of Puget Sound culture.

Things to do at the Bremerton Blackberry Festival

Despite being known as the Bremerton Blackberry Festival, a love of blackberries is not the only reason to attend. Beyond this beloved berry, the festival offers copious amounts of entertainment and other activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, including live music and a family fun area. Throughout the festival, some of the best bands in the region will take to the main stage to perform for attendees.

Bremerton Blackberry Festival 2

Source: Blackberry Festival Facebook

However, the centerpiece of the festival is clearly the blackberry itself, as the many booths that hem the festival together will reveal. From delicious blackberry ice cream to baked goods that seem fresh from the oven, any lover of blackberries will be able to find something they enjoy.

For adults, the highlight may be the blackberry wine, considered a delicacy of the region. Curious gourmets flock from miles around, and even across state or country lines, to discover why this wine has such a reputation for its quality and flavor. However, due to the high demand experienced by every blackberry wine booth at the festival, there is a tendency for vendors to sell out of bottles quickly.

Bremerton Blackberry Festival 3

Source: Blackberry Festival Facebook

Besides the blackberry wine at the festival, other alcoholic beverages are available from the participating Cloverleaf Bar and Grill, which provides an outdoor vantage point to enjoy the action at the festival. The bar will even be offering specialty cocktails as a sign of their appreciation for the event.

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Explosive Edibles for Bremerton Bridge Blast

Bremerton’s celebrated Bridge Blast continues in 2019, with amped up festivities including a stunning display of fireworks, live music, and even an airshow at night featuring professional pilots performing dazzling aerial maneuvers. Held every year at the Bremerton Boardwalk, the Bremerton Bridge Blast is a singular event best experienced with the assistance of a few well-crafted edibles. Clear Choice has you covered for the time of your life with these delectable and potent options.

Enjoy Bremerton Bridge Blast with Verdelux Bon Bombs

Bremerton Bridge Blast Verdelux Bon Bomb

Known as one of the finest manufacturers of edible products in the state of Washington, Verdelux’s signature Bon Bombs are the perfect accompaniment to any vibrant outing. Each chocolate Bon Bomb contains 10mg THC, capable of delivering a steady buzz for those with edible experience and mind-blowing mental sensations for edible newbies.

For Bremerton Bridge Blast, there’s no more explosive choice than Verdelux Bon Bombs to put you in the ideal state of mind for observing magnificent fireworks and all the event has to offer. The Bon Bombs come in both THC and CBD-rich varieties, meaning there are plenty of different experiences to be had with each pack. Make sure to keep these cool as chocolate and sun don't tend to mix.

420 Bar Minis

Bremerton Bridge Blast 420 Bar

Like Verdelux Bon Bombs, the 420 Bar has created an edible concoction that is both portable and delicious compared to other selections available at dispensaries. Indeed, 420 Bar’s mission is to mask the intensity of the cannabis flavor that other edible products can possess, leaving room for the rich confectionary flavor to work its magic.

With 420 Bar Minis, everything that stands out about the original 420 Bar is compressed into bite-sized packages each possessing a single dose of THC. There is a wide assortment of different flavors to choose from, including milk and dark chocolate, so those satisfied with their first encounter will be invited back for a different experience.

Legal Sparkling Drinks

Bremerton Bridge Blast Legal

As recreational legalization has made its way across the nation, many intriguing types of edibles have become available for sale. Legal Sparkling Drinks are a line of THC-infused beverages that provide a stern body buzz in perhaps the most inconspicuous manner available, as each container looks exactly like a typical bottled beverage.

While liquid THC can sometimes be less potent than other methods of THC consumption, Legal Drinks come in multiple strengths, so you can match your purchase to your level of tolerance. Always be careful not to drink and drive, though!

Hi-Burst Fruit Chews

Bremerton Bridge Blast Hi-Burst

The Bremerton Bridge Blast’s boundless excitement calls for a flavorful companion, and Hi-Burst Fruit Chews provide an able solution. Each chew possesses 10mg THC, making these ideal for sharing with curious friends and other gatherings of like-minded cannabis consumers, or for merely hoarding to oneself.

Hi-Burst manufactures their fruit chews in a variety of flavors, though Orange Creamsicle and Sour Blue Raspberry may be the standouts among the lineup. With each pack containing 100mg THC, the potency of these peculiar edibles will endure a while.

Enjoy Bremerton Bridge Blast!

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