Strains Users Say Bring Better Sleep

Getting the proper amount of sleep is crucial for your overall health and your ability to participate in your work and the activities you enjoy. But according to the Cleveland Clinic, as many as 70 million Americans report having some kind of sleep disorder, with an estimated 10% to 15% suffering from chronic insomnia.

There are plenty of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to choose from when it comes to treating insomnia. But, for those dealing with a chronic problem, there are concerns over the potential side effects of taking these drugs for an extended period.

Fortunately, cannabis can provide relief for people who have insomnia without all the harmful side effects. Cannabis compounds offer relaxing effects that naturally lead to better sleep without the risk of headaches, mental fuzziness, digestive upset, or dizziness that can result from taking typical sleep aids.

We sat down with Bret McGee, general manager of Clear Choice Cannabis, to learn more about the experiences his customers have with using cannabis to treat insomnia.

Many people say marijuana helps them sleep better. Why is that?

Research shows THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, has sedative effects and can make it easier to fall asleep. Emerging evidence also suggests that THC may improve breathing, which makes THC a potential therapy in treating obstructive sleep apnea.

When a customer enters a Clear Choice store and asks if marijuana will help them sleep, what do your expert budtenders tell them?

We see many people with that issue who report finding some relief with a number of products. Of course, our budtenders are not physicians, and everyone should check in with their doctor about what kinds of treatments are right for them. But once a customer has decided that marijuana is a treatment they’d like to try, we recommend trying products that are a 1:1 ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) and THC. CBD is another compound in cannabis that can help with sleep. It’s non-psychoactive but less potent. Some of our customers report success with a lesser-known cannabinoid called CBN. Clear Choice stocks many different products that would be great to try and see if they work for your sleep issues. 

Best Terpenes for Sleep

What are some of the most popular sleep-inducing strains sold at Clear Choice dispensaries?

Strains that people often report helped them with sleep are Grand Daddy Purple, Northern Lights, Ogre, Gorilla Glue, White Widow, Vanilla Kush, Platinum Bubba, and more. Of course, these all have varying effects beyond aiding in sleep, so our budtenders are there to help everyone make the right decision for their needs.

What options are available for people who don’t smoke marijuana?

Flower and vape cartridges work well for some people, but not everyone wants to smoke or vape. So, Clear Choice offers many other products such as tinctures, capsules, drinks, and solid edibles that can have similar effects without the need to smoke or vape.

What’s the success rate with your products?

We cannot promise that any product will have a specific effect for an individual, but we do see customers return and purchase the same products again and again and report success with their experiences. 

Insomnia is a frustrating and even debilitating problem that can snowball and impact all aspects of your life. But you don’t have to keep dealing with its effects or take potentially harmful pills every night. With Clear Choice Cannabis, there’s a natural option that can help you sleep and feel great the next day.

Take It From This Veteran: Cannabis Is More Than Just a Good Time

In the minds of many, cannabis is a mind-altering substance that’s just for fun. Throughout the years, it’s been the subject of countless pop culture jokes and has a reputation for being the substance of choice for people seeking a laid-back lifestyle filled with relaxation.

But the truth is that cannabis is enormously helpful as a therapeutic treatment for people experiencing a wide variety of physical and mental ailments. Among the people most helped by cannabis are our nation’s veterans, many of whom struggle with pain from injuries, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other challenges when they return home from deployments.

Clear Choice Cannabis is proud to work with those who served, including Sgt. Carlos Mullen, a former infantryman who suffered severe injuries in a homemade explosive detonation in 2010. He was subsequently discharged from the military in 2014 and struggled to manage his physical and emotional symptoms, eventually turning to alcohol.

We spoke with Carlos about how he vastly improved his well-being and outlook on life with Clear Choice Cannabis.

Tell us about yourself and your military service.

I served from 2009 to 2014, when I was medically discharged. I served in the infantry, which means that I directly engaged with people on the ground during my deployment, civilians and soldiers. This often leads to very dangerous situations. I lost friends and had to put some of them into body bags myself. You don’t forget things like that, and it’s not easy to live with.

I also saw disturbing sights among the locals where I was deployed, including a woman being stoned to death. You don’t forget that scene, and it pushes you to want to rid the world of evil and defend the good and righteous. We weren’t supposed to get involved with the locals, but we felt strongly that the things we witnessed weren’t right and did what we could to help.

When I got back, I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities and was struggling to get control of my mental health, including combating my PTSD. 

How did you eventually find relief?

I found Clear Choice when I hit rock bottom with my alcohol addiction, trying to erase my dark memories. When I was discharged, I didn’t have work commitments to encourage my sobriety. With the loss of friends and responsibilities, I was drinking a lot. A good friend who also retired from the military told me to stop drinking so much and try cannabis. Clear Choice was the local store in the area, so I checked it out. The environment was unbelievable! It was clean and organized, and I met great people that cared. I found products that worked for me immediately. 

That’s great! How has your life changed since you found Clear Choice Cannabis?

I got inspired to help people again, and I stopped drinking alcohol. I pitched to the business to fund a petting zoo for local youth. I shared the idea with the owner, Adam, and he responded by offering to give a check the following Tuesday. 

After that, we did a relay for life, and kids earned the donation money sponsored by Clear Choice by doing laps around the track. I’m not sure if Adam knows this, but those events changed the way thousands of local people think about the stigmas surrounding cannabis. I had to have meetings with superintendents who, back then, were nervous about taking donation money from this source. But after explaining the program and motive, it was clear it would be doing a disservice to these kids not to use this donation money for good. 

What did you learn from your experience?

I learned that there are people who need cannabis, and some benefit from it more than many people understand. I see it helping people with trauma like me. I understand now how much it can help people get adequate sleep and live their lives with joy, even when they have been through traumatic events. 

Which products do you use, and how do they help you?

RSO helps me with sleeping, IBS, and my pain. It has helped me greatly with night terrors. I don’t get them much anymore. I like smoking flower socially, and I believe smoking flower can bring people together. I’ve met some really great people, and those relationships help me mentally. I also enjoy distillate dabs.

What was most surprising to you about how cannabis use assisted you?

I was surprised by how effective it was at helping me sleep. I didn’t know cannabis was so impactful to sleep. I thought alcohol had helped me sleep but realized how the quality of sleep is [poor] when you’re drunk. I also was destroying my chance at a good tomorrow almost daily, living my life constantly hungover and in a fog.

Why would you recommend Clear Choice Cannabis to others?

This business is compassionate, patriotic, honest, and dedicated to helping others. The owner truly cares about the community and constantly does things to support the local community. 

Clear Choice’s selection is also the best around, and they focus on caring for medical marijuana patients. Nobody else is doing that or seems to care about people. For the competition, it’s all about the money. Clear Choice is different.  

Overall, people like Carlos have sacrificed so much and deserve to live lives that are filled with purpose and joy. With the help of medical marijuana and products from Clear Choice Cannabis, Carlos and others like him can find the relief they need.

Clear Choice’s Best Cannabis Gifts for This Year

The holiday shopping season is upon us once again, but rather than join the rush to the mall for another generic sweater, consider giving the cannabis lover in your life something they’ll really enjoy from Clear Choice Cannabis in Tacoma and Bremerton. The incredible selection of cannabis products has something for everyone, regardless of their delivery method, strain preferences, or taste buds.

The holiday shopping season is here, and for many of us, this year will be extra special because so many of us had to stay home in 2020 rather than celebrate with family and friends. 

To add to the festivities for your 420-friendly loved ones, consider the wide selection of products from Clear Choice, which operates dispensaries in Tacoma and Bremerton and is sure to have the perfect gift for marijuana lovers on your list. 

“Both locations will have great specials throughout the holiday season,” said Owner Adam Schmidt. “This will include specials on cannabis items as well as glass and vaporizers.”

Schmidt added that the holidays are usually a busy time of year for the dispensaries due to their specials, so it’s a good idea to get your loved ones some of Clear Choice’s many products (some that are up to 20% off!) sooner rather than later.



Clear Choice has an incredible selection of flower for cannabis traditionalists who prefer to carefully select their strain and either roll it or use it in a bong or a pipe. With sativa, indica, and hybrid options, Clear Choice offers a flower for everyone. Some of the most popular offerings include Apple Fritter, a hybrid that brings an uplifting high, Gold Leaf Gardens’ Peppermint Cookies for a holiday theme, and Wedding Cake, an indica with mood-boosting, calming effects thanks to reasonably potent THC levels.

Plus, Clear Choice carries a large selection of Lifted Cannabis. The company’s exclusive strains and presentations make a heck of a gift! 



For those who prefer to let others do the rolling, Clear Choice offers a line of pre-rolls that are sure to please any cannabis lover. Clear Choice’s selection includes single pre-rolls for those who want to sample several different strains, as well as two-packs and five-packs for those who know what they like. Perfect for the newbies, Clear Choice also carries Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ joints, an excellent, hassle-free way to enjoy cannabis. And like the flower selection, pre-rolls come in many different strains, including Cookies and Cream, a sativa, and Blackberry Kush, an infused pre-roll.

Plus, Clear Choice offers exclusive and upscale Liera Cannagars, including options wrapped in 24 karat gold, perfect for a classy holiday celebration for the seasoned cannabis lovers in your life.




Vape fans love Clear Choice for the incredible selection that includes different strains, cartridge types, and flavors. Vapes are increasingly popular because they allow for more discreet marijuana use without smoke or smell. Clear Choice offers live and cured resin cartridges, pods, and distillate cartridges, ensuring compatibility with many different vape flavors and brands. With choices like the leading brand in vapor technology, Puffco, Pax Dry Flower vaporizers for those who don’t want to smoke the flower, and TwoHeads for newbies, there’s an excellent gift for any vape fan! 



Those who prefer to eat their cannabis are sure to find something that pleases their taste buds at Clear Choice, where more than 180 edible products await. Chocolatey offerings like Evergreen Herbals’ 4.20 Minis and fruity choices like Molotov Mystery are available in sativa, indica, or hybrid strains for those who prefer to ingest their THC and as CBD edibles for the relaxing effects of cannabinoids without the high. Clear Choice also offers capsules, drink mixes, candies, cookies, and pretzels, to name a few. 

Clear Choice recommends cannabis newbies start with 10mg increments and wait 1-2 hours before consuming more to determine the proper dosage. Its Lush products from Verdelux even come in 10mg servings!



Dabbers delight in Clear Choice’s selection of concentrates, which includes everything from resin and wax to butane hash oil and diamonds. These high-quality concentrates ensure a fantastic experience from beginning to end, with reliable dosing. Clear Choice offers premium resins like Xtracted’s Loud Resin. Clear Choice resins are made in a state-of-the-art laboratory with no fillers, flavors, or additives, and partnerships with local providers mean that you and your loved ones can trust the products.


Topicals and Tinctures

Clear Choice offers a wide variety of premium CBD topicals and tinctures perfect for the athlete or chronic pain sufferer in your life. With lotions, creams, gels, and patches, relief from pain and inflammation can be applied directly to the affected body part. Ceres Dragon Balm is one great option for loved ones, especially those who are on the fence about cannabis and new to the various pain relief benefits.

At the same time, bath salts and sublingual tinctures offer anxiety-reducing benefits to the whole body at once. These products come in various flavors and scents and are great for those who want to access the benefits of cannabis without smoking or ingesting THC.

With the perfect present from Clear Choice, you can give your loved ones a unique, high-quality cannabis gift that perfectly fits their preferences. 

“Clear Choice Cannabis is always striving to provide our community with the best options for their cannabis needs along with exceptional customer service,” Schmidt said. “We are always willing to take our time with our customers to make sure they are getting the right product for their needs!”


A second-to-none selection makes Clear Choice a one-stop shop for all your cannabis holiday shopping. Visit a Clear Choice dispensary in Tacoma or Bremerton to take advantage of holiday deals today!

How to Use Rosin

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is prized for its purity, potency, flavor, and simplicity. While most people prefer to dab or vape rosin, there are actually several different ways to enjoy it. Keep reading to find out more about how to use rosin!

What Is Rosin?

Rosin is a clean and potent cannabis concentrate that can reach potency levels of over 80% THC. It really hit the mainstream after being popularized by cannabis connoisseur Phil ‘Soilgrown’ Salazar in 2015. However, the extraction method used to produce it is believed to have actually been around since the 1990s or early 2000s.

It is considered to be purer than other cannabis concentrates because it is solvent-less. Unlike concentrates produced through BHO extraction (shatter, etc.), rosin does not require a solvent to produce, and thus cannot contain any traces of potentially harmful chemicals (if produced correctly!).

Instead of being run through with solvents like butane or CO2, rosin is produced by applying a mix of heat and pressure to high-potency plant material like fine-pressed hash. The result of this process is a thick, gooey whole-plant extract containing a healthy mix of terpenes and cannabinoids. Thanks to its abundant terpene content, it is not only potent but also delicious!

How To Use Rosin

Rosin is a very versatile concentrate that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here are the 5 most common ways that it's typically prepared and used!

Dab It

how to use rosin dab it

Dabbing concentrates really brings out the terpenes and lets you enjoy the myriad of flavors and aromas that each strain contains. Since rosin already has a robust terpene content, you can be sure that your dabs will be extra delicious! If you are looking to maximize flavor and taste, dabbing rosin is the way to go.

Vape It

how to use rosin vape it

If your vaporizer is designed for use with cannabis concentrates, you can simply load up your rosin and vape it. If you prefer, you can also prepare your own rosin-infused e-juice at home in just a few steps. Whatever kind of vaporizer you choose to vape it out of, just make sure it is safe to use with concentrates. Vaping rosin out of a dry herb vape could lead to a sticky mess and irreparable damage!

Roll It

It may seem counter-intuitive due to its sticky nature, but rosin can also be crushed up and rolled into a joint, blunt, or spliff. Just remember to dry it out first so you don’t end up with a sticky mess. Alternatively, you could heat it up and spread it across your rolling paper with an applicator tool. You may find that the added stickiness may make the rolling process easier for you (or harder!).

Add It to Your Bowl or Bong

How to use rosin bong

Too lazy to roll one up? Not a problem! Rosin can also be sprinkled on top of your favorite bowl. Just place some of it on top of the ground bud in your bowl (or bud + kief!) and light it up. When exposed to heat, it will turn into a sappy oil that melts into your bowl and covers your bud with a glistening glow. Just be careful! Adding a concentrate to your joint or bowl is sure to boost its potency by a lot!

Bake It into an Edible

Lastly, you can also bake rosin into a cannabis edible. Some people prefer to decarboxylate their rosin before infusing it into something else but others do not believe it to be necessary. A good rule of thumb is that if you wish to maximize the potency of your edible, it is probably a good idea to decarboxylate it before infusing it. But if you are just looking for a quick edible fix, adding it raw directly into your recipe or into other foods and liquids can also get the job done!

Explosive Edibles for Bremerton Bridge Blast

Bremerton’s celebrated Bridge Blast continues in 2019, with amped up festivities including a stunning display of fireworks, live music, and even an airshow at night featuring professional pilots performing dazzling aerial maneuvers. Held every year at the Bremerton Boardwalk, the Bremerton Bridge Blast is a singular event best experienced with the assistance of a few well-crafted edibles. Clear Choice has you covered for the time of your life with these delectable and potent options.

Enjoy Bremerton Bridge Blast with Verdelux Bon Bombs

Bremerton Bridge Blast Verdelux Bon Bomb

Known as one of the finest manufacturers of edible products in the state of Washington, Verdelux’s signature Bon Bombs are the perfect accompaniment to any vibrant outing. Each chocolate Bon Bomb contains 10mg THC, capable of delivering a steady buzz for those with edible experience and mind-blowing mental sensations for edible newbies.

For Bremerton Bridge Blast, there’s no more explosive choice than Verdelux Bon Bombs to put you in the ideal state of mind for observing magnificent fireworks and all the event has to offer. The Bon Bombs come in both THC and CBD-rich varieties, meaning there are plenty of different experiences to be had with each pack. Make sure to keep these cool as chocolate and sun don't tend to mix.

420 Bar Minis

Bremerton Bridge Blast 420 Bar

Like Verdelux Bon Bombs, the 420 Bar has created an edible concoction that is both portable and delicious compared to other selections available at dispensaries. Indeed, 420 Bar’s mission is to mask the intensity of the cannabis flavor that other edible products can possess, leaving room for the rich confectionary flavor to work its magic.

With 420 Bar Minis, everything that stands out about the original 420 Bar is compressed into bite-sized packages each possessing a single dose of THC. There is a wide assortment of different flavors to choose from, including milk and dark chocolate, so those satisfied with their first encounter will be invited back for a different experience.

Legal Sparkling Drinks

Bremerton Bridge Blast Legal

As recreational legalization has made its way across the nation, many intriguing types of edibles have become available for sale. Legal Sparkling Drinks are a line of THC-infused beverages that provide a stern body buzz in perhaps the most inconspicuous manner available, as each container looks exactly like a typical bottled beverage.

While liquid THC can sometimes be less potent than other methods of THC consumption, Legal Drinks come in multiple strengths, so you can match your purchase to your level of tolerance. Always be careful not to drink and drive, though!

Hi-Burst Fruit Chews

Bremerton Bridge Blast Hi-Burst

The Bremerton Bridge Blast’s boundless excitement calls for a flavorful companion, and Hi-Burst Fruit Chews provide an able solution. Each chew possesses 10mg THC, making these ideal for sharing with curious friends and other gatherings of like-minded cannabis consumers, or for merely hoarding to oneself.

Hi-Burst manufactures their fruit chews in a variety of flavors, though Orange Creamsicle and Sour Blue Raspberry may be the standouts among the lineup. With each pack containing 100mg THC, the potency of these peculiar edibles will endure a while.

Enjoy Bremerton Bridge Blast!

For the best edibles, stop by Clear Choice Bremerton! Check out our online dispensary menu to see all of the products available at our Bremerton dispensary, and remember to consume responsibly (and legally)!

Dosing Edibles: How Much is Enough? Our Tips to Stay Safe and Happy

It’s a thrilling time to be involved in the cannabis industry. So many new products, trends, and research arrive seemingly every day. If you’re a regular visitor to our dispensaries, you’re probably already aware that cannabis-infused foods and beverages are among the hottest and fastest-growing sectors of the cannabis world. From CBD-infused coffees to refreshing apple ciders to irresistible chocolates, caramels and more, there’s an incredible array of products to sample.

But with all this yumminess around, it raises a very important question: When dosing edibles, how much is enough?

We all know the phrase “too much of a good thing,” and it has never been more appropriate than when we discuss the effects of cannabis edibles. Because the cannabis in edibles takes much longer to take effect—and then that effect tends to increase over time—it’s important to be aware of your tolerances and exercise real care when dosing edibles. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why, and then share some guidelines to help you get to maximum benefit (and the minimum heartache) from cannabis-infused edibles.

dosing edibles cannabis-infused chocolate

Dosing Edibles: A Different Way to Ingest Cannabis

Unlike smoking, vaping, or even taking tinctures, the way the body accesses the cannabis in edibles is different than all the others. For a host of reasons, when we eat or drink cannabis, our bodies formulate a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC.

As you might guess, the fact that it has “THC” in the name is a hint to its potency. The upshot is that we’ll tend to feel much higher than we would if we had smoked or vaped the same amount of cannabis.

Another factor to consider is the time-delay effect. Edibles typically take a long time to take effect; at the very least 20 minutes, but sometimes up to 3 hours depending on your physiology, what you’d eaten previously, and other factors. It’s not uncommon for folks who aren’t aware of this to ingest an edible, decide it’s “not working” after five or ten minutes, and then consume more…and more…and more. The results, as you might guess, are not pretty.

dosing edibles cannabis infused drinks

Dosing Edibles: How Much Is Enough?

So, knowing that edibles have a stronger effect than other forms of cannabis—and that they take much longer to come on—what are some best practices to ensure you get the effects you desire?

To help you make informed decisions, edibles are marked or measured in convenient and easy-to-understand servings: Ounces from a bottle of cooling mint tea, for instance, or squares from a luscious bar of chocolate. Each serving will contain a precisely measured dose of THC—the only psychoactive cannabinoid, as you’re aware—measured in milligrams (mg).

THC molecule

How much THC is right for you? Again, that will depend on many factors. But we always return to the phrase “start low and go slow.” Start with the lowest measured dose. Wait at least an hour—preferably two—and then assess. You can always take another dose, or if you’re impatient, a hit from a vape pen.

But again, remember that edibles have powerful and long-lasting effects. We want to make sure you enjoy their benefits—and discreet convenience!—while making sure you don’t go overboard!

Looking for high-quality cannabis edibles in Washington? Check out our Tacoma dispensary online menu or our Bremerton dispensary online menu to see what types of deliciousness we have in stock!

5 Strange Edible Products You'll Want to Try

In the past decade, the edible industry in America has taken off. It now produces all kinds of delicious, potent products for cannabis users to enjoy. While there are still plenty of “magic brownies” out there, you can also pick up edible gummies, drinks, pizzas, and way more at many dispensaries in states with legalized marijuana. Even better? There are a ton of places where you can buy edibles online. Read on for our top picks.

Clean Healing Pizza Sauce

You might have had one of those microwaveable cannabis pizzas before, but this product from Clean Healing allows you to make your own authentic, infused pizza with ease and potency. Each jar contains about 500mg THC, meaning this product is definitely for experienced users or light eaters—although, you’ll probably have leftovers for a few days if you use the entire container. You’ll want to make sure you bake the sauce before consuming it, so don’t use concoction as a dipping sauce. Just spread some sauce over a classic pizza crust, top with your favorite cheeses, and you’re ready for a truly special night with your closest cannabis buddies.

Magooch Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

This is a must-have for Italian cannabis users who want to bring a little extra spice to the cuisine of the old country. With cannabis-infused olive oil, you can make everything from garlic bread to pasta. What's more, this oil's effects will be as mind blowing as that pre-packaged cookie you bought the other day. You’ll be able to easily impress any pot-friendly Italian relatives with dishes like Pot-sta Alfredo or infused flatbread. It’s easy to understand Magooch’s logic in adding cannabis to olive oil; the possibilities are truly endless! If you're looking to buy edibles online, you'll have a hard time beating the versatility of Magooch infused olive oil.

Reef Jerky

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of sweets. In fact, you resent them. Luckily, there’s still an edible product out there for you from Badfish Extracts. Their “Reef Jerky” is extremely tender and tastes like actual meat (with a light cannabis aftertaste.) That makes this product a definite buy for that intersection between meat-lovers and potheads. But don’t be fooled by the silly sounding concept—this jerky is super potent-- it even won a prestigious award from cannabis aficionados High Times two years ago.

Cannabis Caviar

Why? That’s the question most people will ask when encountering this crazy cannabis caviar from Trophi. We can think of a few reasons: perhaps you want to feel fancy, but also want to feel stoned, too. Maybe your parents are wealthy Hamptonites and you want to get blitzed in the middle of a dinner party without drawing too much attention to yourself. Whatever the reason, this cannabis caviar will be there to help in more ways than one and could even help impress some rich stoners. Anytime you're looking to buy edibles online, you're going to be concerned about shelf life, right? Well, don't worry—this product is completely vegan. No baby fish were harmed in the making of this edible.

Uncle Bubba’s Canna-Chili

And now for something even less appetizing than cannabis caviar. With a name like “Uncle Bubba”, you have to expect quality, right? This microwaveable Canna-Chili will probably pique the interest of chili fanatics the world round, but for the rest of us, it’s likely best just to stay away. Although, if you feel like you have to indulge just once in this monstrosity of an edible, the experience probably won’t be too bad. We’ve all eaten some weird things while stoned before, so if by chance you happen to come into possession of a pack of marijuana-infused chili, don’t feel embarrassed to dive in.

What’s the craziest edible you’ve ever tried?

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Can CBD Edibles Get You High?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is increasingly recognized as a powerful and safe medicine for an astonishingly wide variety of conditions. Everything from IBS and epilepsy to muscle soreness and anxiety.

Some people, however, are reluctant to use CBD as a medicine – the intoxicating and psychoactive effects of cannabis may impair their ability to function in daily life.

This confusion is understandable, as cannabis contains a complex cocktail of biochemically active compounds. Can CBD edibles get you high? Yes, and no, depending on its chemical makeup. Fortunately, each compound has its own unique properties and by isolating CBD, patients can get more of the medical benefits they want with less of the cognitive impairment they don’t.

Unique Compounds Create Unique Effects

Cannabinoids are the class of chemical that is most responsible for the many effects of cannabis. They bind to endocannabinoid receptors in the body. These receptors come in a couple different variations. Some of these variations, like the CB1 receptor, are mostly located in the the brain. Others, like the CB2 receptor, are located more in the body around the immune system.

Each cannabinoid has the same general structure but a slightly different shape and slightly different chemical properties.

These differences give each cannabinoid different preferences for what receptors they bind and the effect they have once they bind them. Some cannabinoids will bind a receptor and trigger neural activation. Others bind a different receptor that turns off inflammation pathways. There is a very, very wide variety in how each of the cannabinoids acts on different receptors.


Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC is the most well-known and researched of the cannabinoids and gives rise to the psychoactive high. It mostly binds to the CB1 receptors in the brain, hence the mental high.

CBD, however, mostly acts on CB2 receptors in the body, which is where all the medicinal action happens. In fact, some of the pathways activated by CBD actively turn off the pathways that are activated by THC. They have an inverse relationship.

The more CBD in your bud, the less psychoactive the strain will be. CBD on it’s own will NOT get you high.

For more info, check out the CBD Project, a tremendous resource on this remarkable cannabinoid.

Edibles vs. Smoking

There is a considerable difference between smoking flower and an edible a medical patient will want to take into account. The flower is the whole cocktail, containing all the different compounds in a particular strain. Even in high CBD strains there is often still THC as well as terpenes and other compounds that influence the overall effect, and there’s no control or guarantees there.

Some people consider this to be optimal, as these other compounds often have synergistic relationships, making it more potent and beneficial than an isolated compound. Can CBD edibles get you high? It all depends on if THC is included in the edible.

Others, however, may find that they only want pure CBD, and this is really where edibles are a fantastic way to medicate. Most edibles on the market today contain known dosages, say 20mg of THC or 10mg of CBD, for example.

This allows the patient to know exactly what they are getting, and make an informed choice.

CBD Edibles: The Non-Psychoactive Way to Medicate

Because CBD is not psychoactive like THC, pure CBD edibles are an ideal option for medical patients who want the medicine and not the high. For those that do want some of the other benefits of cannabis, there are many options available.

Come in and ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders to see what options are best for you!

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The Essential Guide to Pairing Cannabis and Seattle Seahawks Football

It’s hard to beat Seahawks Season — aka “Autumn”! There are few things that rival catching a game a home game at CenturyLink. But, even if you’ve got to watch the game with your buds at home, or at a friends place, some good kush or a tasty edible will complement the game like few things can.

Sure, beer may persist as football’s go-to social lubricant, but for those of us lucky enough to live in a legal “rec” state, we have a few more options. For your Hawks viewing pleasure, we’ve put together the essential guide to help you get the most out what will sure be another exciting season! Go Hawks!

First off, let’s start with a few tips:

Make Your Fantasy Picks Well Before Game Time

There’s nothing worse than trying to make decisions last minute when you’ve got plenty of other things to prepare for. And, let’s face it! Fantasy football can be a little complicated, particularly if you’ve already imbibed with a little kush. So make your picks several hours prior to kick-off, while making sure you’ve set your best picks in place so that last minute changes don’t leave you scrambling. When in doubt, opt for players younger than 30 since older players are more prone to surprise you with a game-day announcement that they’ll be riding pine due to injury.

Stock Up Before the Game

There’s nothing worse than running out of gear in the middle of a game. And, of course, dispensary hours can vary. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stock up on your essentials prior to kick-off! You’ll likely want to mix it up with some tasty edibles and a couple of your favorite strains.

Prepare Some Tasty Treats

If you’re a “cannasseur” who knows how to cook, put your culinary skills to work and infuse some of those succulent burgers with a little kush or maybe prepare some Bloody Mary with a dash of Durban Poison. If you’re not inclined to cook — no worries — we’ve got you covered. See our recommendations below.

Arrange for Transportation Ahead of Time

Obviously, there’s no need to risk it. You don’t need the ticket; or worse, an accident. There’s no bigger buzz kill than getting a ticket for driving under the influence. And, remember, testing tools are far from perfect, so even if you haven’t consumed for hours and are aren’t buzzed, you could still trigger a reading showing you’re over the threshold. Trust us. Play it safe, and getting your transportation in order ahead of time. And with Uber, there’s no excuse not to!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are a few ideas for some of the best edibles and strains to pair with the game:

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

American Baked Co. makes some of the most innovative and creative cannabis-infused snacks. They combine local Washing butter, fine Belgian chocolate and some of Washington State’s finest cannabis deliver a tantalizing experience you won’t forget.
All their products are lab tested to ensure consistent dosing; so when the package says 20mg THC, it means 20mg THC.

The chocolate covered espresso beans will rock your world! Combining a trinity of dark chocolate, rich cocoa powder and just the right amount of THC, your tastebuds will be thanking you, and you’ll be well poised to engage in sports commentary, while not being too irie not to make any sense.

Dark Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

Another winner from American Baked Co.. It’s hard to beat a dark chocolate vanilla sandwich cookie while watching the Hawks hand it to the 49ers. American Baked infuses a little of Washington State’s finest cannabis with these delicious dark chocolate vanilla sandwich cookies, and voila — a taste of heaven on earth! With just the right amount of THC, you’ll be happy for hours. Consume two, and prepare for a more cerebral experience.

Tomato-Basil Soup

If you haven't tried American Baked Company's tomato-basil soup, you're in for a treat! Their tomato-basil soup is the perfect treat to tantalize your taste buds, while keeping you warm. Just add a little hot water for some mind-blazing good soup. Crumble a few of American Baked Company's parmesan crisps, and get ready to blast off!


Have you ever had a Sa’mores? Probably not like these Sa’mores from Honu. These delightful edible treats from come filled with the perfect amount THC to make you feel good and experience the game like you never have before. These gooey snacks are perfect for football — or trip into nature, getting baked by the campfire, or sitting under the stars at night.
Peanut Butter Cups

Honu also makes some killer chocolatey peanut butter cups. They make look innocent enough, but trust us when we say they punch quite a kick. Shortly after eating a couple of these bad boys, and prepare to send your whole body on a vivid trip through explosive euphoria. Eat too many, and you may just think you’re on the field leading the Hawks to another “W.”

Granola Bites: Cherry

Much loved Magic Kitchen makes some of the best granola you can find. Magic Kitchen crafts their granola with love. And, the twist of cherry and potent infusion of THC in every bite, makes this granola essential eating to pair with Seahawks football. Just don’t get carried away! Eat too many, and you may think you’re watching the Sounders instead of the Seahawks — so take it easy!

DJ Short Blueberry (Flower)

a heavily indica-dominant hybrid named after its creator, DJ Short, DJ Short Blueberry is the perfect strain for the Hawks fan who wants to lay low and immerse themselves in the couch. Rich in myrcene (a terpene) and THC content that regularly exceeds 17%, you’ll quickly feel an intense bout of heady euphoria and restful relaxation. And, you’ll definitely develop a case of the munchies to help motivate you (if you even needed a bit of motivation) to chow down on your edibles and other delights. Did we mention the taste of homemade blueberry is a nice bonus!

Ozma (Flower)

If you want to maintain a clear head and don’t want to get too irie, Ozma with its 2:1 CBD:THC is the perfect choice. This enigmatic sativa-dominant hybrid blends Sour Tsunami and Cannatonic to provide an intensely relaxing high that will put you in a restful and relaxed mood, while feeling refreshed. It’s a great strain to ease anxiety during some of those tense games!

Durban Poison (Flower)

“Durbs,” as its loyal fans call it, has developed a loyal following. Durban Poison is one of the few unadulterated strains on the market. It’s ancestral lineage is simple; growers haven’t messed with its genetics like most strains on the market. The flavor profile is known to mimic its citrus aroma, and although its THC content regularly runs north of 20%, most people report this sativa gives them an energetic high.

So there you go! Enjoy the rest of the season. Go Hawks!


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