Relaxing Refreshments: How to Make a Cannabis Smoothie

When it comes to edibles, most cannabis consumers imagine tantalizing baked goods like brownies, cookies, cupcakes. However, the modern cannabis market has made an entire world of new edible concoctions possible, including a wide array of THC-rich refreshments. Infused smoothies, for example, can serve as a relatively quick and simple method of dosing that can easily be integrated into your wellness routine.

Here's everything you need to know about making cannabis smoothies. (Yum!)

Ingredients for Making a Cannabis Smoothie

There's no point in making a smoothie if it isn't going to taste good or give you some nutrients. When crafting your cannabis smoothie, one of the most important things to consider is the quality and variety of ingredients used. There's no one correct way to make a cannabis smoothie, but the flavor and potency will be greatly enhanced by the choice of fruit and cannabis you use.

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Think up some funky fruit combos in the grocery store or at your farmers market. Beyond fresh fruit, your smoothie will require milk or yogurt (you can also use bananas to get the right consistency if you want to go dairy-free), a sweetener like honey or agave syrup, and a small amount of ice (or skip the ice and use frozen fruit).

Now, the important part. You can easily add a couple of drops of a tincture to your smoothie. Prefer bud? If you have some decarbed, ground flower, you can add that right into your smoothie. Alternatively, cannamilk can also help you get the right infusion down.

How to Make a Cannabis Smoothie

Once you have your ingredients, it's time to mix it up.

Add your ice, then your mixture of fruit, milk or yogurt, sweetener, and cannabis to the blender.

Turn on the power and blend until you have your desired consistency.

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Want to add some pop to your smoothie? Throw in some sherbert for a tangy tartness or garnish with lemon or other fruits for an Instagram-worthy look.

Making a Cannabis Smoothie: Best Practices

Fresh fruit can be pretty easy to find, though frozen is ok for a good smoothie. Just look for flavors that will interact well together.

When choosing cannabis, think about the effects you want from your smoothie before buying your buds or tincture. Indica strains are known for somewhat heavier highs capable of sedating the body, promoting rest and relaxation. Sativas, however, are effective at creating a headspace of vivacious creativity, providing energy throughout the day.

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Likewise, it can be vital to know the potency of the cannabis strain you intend to use. Some strains may possess enormous potency, making them a poor fit for newer or inexperienced cannabis users. Other strains may harbor little THC content at all, diminishing their effectiveness. Cannabis smoothies also have a tendency to be less potent than other edibles, so consumers should adjust their preferences accordingly.

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Cannabis Tips: How to Make Infused Beverages for Any Season

If you’re at all interested in the world of cannabis, you’ve probably tried at least one of the delicious cannabis drinks we offer here at Clear Choice. From refreshing lemonades to invigorating teas to potent energy shots and beyond, it seems there are no limitations on the range of delicious and potent drinks other than the imagination!

Don’t believe us? It’s a lot easier to make cannabis drinks at home than you might think. If you have access to fresh cannabis flower and a little time, you can craft delicious, creative and personalized drinks yourself. Here’s how.

How to Make Cannabis Drinks: Tinctures

The simplest way to make a cannabis drink is simply to add a few drops of already-prepared cannabis tincture to whatever beverage you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold; although most chefs recommend lower temperatures when cooking with cannabis, even boiling water—at 212 degrees—shouldn’t degrade the potency of the tincture.

how to make cannabis drinks 1

But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably curious about making your own tincture. And trust us: It’s not challenging. All that’s required are fresh cannabis flower and a neutral, high-potency alcohol (such as Everclear).

How to Make Cannabis Drinks: Decarboxylating Your Cannabis

First you’ll need to decarboxylate—or decarb—your cannabis. All this means is exposing it to gentle, long-lasting heat to transform the non-psychoactive cannabinoid THC-A into usable THC.

Start by preheating your oven to 220°F - 235°F degrees. If you have an oven thermometer, use it. Most ovens’ internal thermostats are notoriously inaccurate.

Place the cannabis—we recommend using at least enough to half-fill an 8-ounce Mason jar—in an ovenproof container like a baking pan. Alternately, some people prefer a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Once the oven is at the proper temperature, place the cannabis in its container inside. Allow it to bake for an hour. Note: If you’re using a high-CBD flower, some experts recommend decarbing it for 15 minutes at a temperature of 220°F in order to dry the plants, and then 60 minutes at 250°F for full decarboxylation.

Take out your roasty, toasty cannabis. Next, grind it to as fine a consistency as you can manage, using a purpose-built cannabis tool, an ordinary spice grinder, or even just the flat edge of a kitchen knife.

Place the cannabis in the jar and cover it with the alcohol of your choice to an inch or so above the level of the flower. Remember, it should be a high-proof liquor (vodka will work, though we like the neutral potency of Everclear).

Now comes the hard part: The waiting. Leave the in a dark pantry or closet for 4 - 6 weeks, remembering to shake it at least once a day. After the time has passed, strain the tincture through a very fine filter or cheesecloth, and check its potency with a few drops. Go easy! Allow at least an hour—and preferably two—for the full effects to become apparent.

Of course, you could go the easy route and grab a premade cannabis drink at our Tacoma dispensary, or a tincture to infuse your own beverage.

How to Make Cannabis Drinks: Other Options

Of course, you have plenty of other options when it comes to making cannabis drinks. You can decarb your cannabis into dairy or coconut milk; into butter—yes, hot buttered cannabis rum is a blast!—or make it into a simple syrup.

how to make cannabis drinks 3

We enjoy making tinctures because it’s simple and relatively generic, meaning that it can be added as-is to nearly any beverage (or food). If you have a favorite cannabis beverage recipe of your own, by all means, let us know!

PS. If you want to keep your cannabis at its best for longer don't miss our comprehensive guide on 'Can Weed Go Bad?' for crucial tips to prevent your weed from degrading and ensuring its freshness and potency.

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The Best Edibles for Your Next Campfire

Nothing defines those waning days of summer quite like a campfire. Whether you’re kicking back with a group of close friends or spending time with family, cannabis can act as the perfect accompaniment to the warm glow of a roaring flame, and recreational legalization has made it easier than ever to discreetly dose with a variety of inconspicuous edible products. To compliment your next outdoor bonding session, here’s a hand-picked selection of the best edibles currently on the market.

Try These Edibles for Your Next Kumbaya Session

Legal Soft Drinks

Best Edibles 1
Source: Weedmaps

A signature product from Mirth Provisions, a renowned manufacturer of edible products, Legal Soft Drinks put a refreshing twist on the typical edible experience. Each glass container is filled to the brim with a unique carbonated brew of natural flavors and potent THC, allowing you to cool off and dose at the same time.

Legal Soft Drinks run the gambit from bittersweet cranberry to the more traditional lemon ginger, with each individual flavor crafted with a different type of cannabis. The sheer variety of Legal Drinks available for sale makes these beverages the go-to brand for infused sodas, with new and even more exciting products waiting to be unveiled.

Sweet June’s Infused Pretzels

Best Edibles 2
Source: Sweet June's

It seems everything is infused with cannabis recently, and Sweet June proves that pretzels are no exception. Each bag of Sweet June’s Flavored Pretzels is chock full of THC, with 100mg distributed between 10 delicious pretzels. Likewise, Sweet June’s edibles are known to be efficient and effective, delivering a strong and long-lasting high that equally impacts mind and body.


Best Edibles 3
Source: Zoots

If you’re on the hunt for a more understated cannabis solution, ZootRocks are some of the best edibles for portable use. These tiny tarts only contain 5mg THC each, but when taken together, the effects can be mind-blowing. The primary benefit of ZootRocks, however, lies in their discreet packaging, making it possible to inconspicuously dose even while your friends are laughing around the campfire.

420 Bars

Best Edibles 4
Source: Smoke and Vape Business Solutions

For those interested in crafting cannabis s’mores, 420 Bar produces the best edibles for the task. Simply break off a few pieces of 420 Bar’s potent chocolate, melt them over your graham crackers and marshmallows, and you have the ideal treat for any campfire kickback. 420 Bars come in multiple varieties, encouraging experimentation beyond classic milk chocolate with eye-catching flavors like dark chocolate with sea salt.

Even if you’re not a fan of s’mores, 420 Bars offer everything needed to have a night of infused fun. While 420 Bars come in a small package, these powerful edibles can pack a punch, with individual bars sometimes clocking in at an astronomical 180mg THC. As with any edible, use caution and be patient during your next encounter with a 420 Bar.

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