Top 4 Cannabis Strains for Enhancing Your Hiking Experience

There are few experiences in the world better than sitting on top of a large hill overlooking a vast expanse of nature while blazed on your favorite bud. For many people, marijuana is an essential component of any outdoor excursion, and choosing the right strain to bring along can be vital in maximizing the enjoyment of your hike.

In general, you want to stick with strains that give you a heady buzz but don’t put you out of commission. You want energy for the hike, but you also want to stay safe and in relative control of your faculties. Sativas are ideal for outdoor adventures, and it’s advisable to stay away from potent Indica-dominant strains that can be a real buzzkill for less experienced smokers.

The 4 Best Strains for Hiking

Blue Dream

You really can’t go wrong with Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant is known for its unique blueberry-ish flavor and smooth smoke, meaning it won’t be too harsh on your lungs when you’re already out of breath. Blue Dream is certainly potent, but not as much as some other strains, making it perfect for an active day in nature. The lightheaded, uplifting sensations you’ll feel soon after you inhale can create an atmosphere of fun and excitement that your friends will want to share, so try to bring enough for everyone if you hike with friends.

Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit is a deeply spiritual sativa-dominant hybrid that will help you connect with the world around you. There is a sizable indica component to this strain (up to 40%), but taking a small dose won’t be enough to knock you out. We recommend you enjoy the earthy, fruity flavor of this magical little kush right before taking a prolonged period of rest, perhaps at the destination of your hike, and then heading back after you come down. Not long after smoking, you will be transported into a mindset of deep contemplation and oneness with your surroundings, and this is an ideal strain for sharing intense moments in the beauty of nature with a significant other or another intimate companion.

Durban Poison

Hailing from South Africa, this is an ideal sativa for taking outdoors with you as it will give you just the imaginative buzz you need to light up your surroundings with excitement. Its mind-bending effects seem to seep into your head immediately, putting you in the proper headspace to connect with the world around you. Durban Poison is known to lift your mood substantially as well, but don’t smoke too much if you’re too far from home, as this bud is absolutely loaded with trichomes that lend it a potency you have to smoke to believe.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

One of the more creatively named strains, this sativa-dominant lives up to its nomenclature, giving you a zap of energy that will have you running through nature without a care in the world. Its aroma is considered to be one of the stronger ones among sativas of this variety, and its pungent, piney scent will give you a hunger to be among the trees. Eventually, the extra energy settles into a pleasant euphoric glow that fills your entire body, leaving you time to relax at your destination in an easy haze where you can experience your surroundings in perfect harmony.

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