Winter Cannabis: Strains to Bring Holiday Cheer

Winter is upon us, and with it comes a host of seasonal strains that promise to put anyone in the mood for the holidays. Whether you’re relaxing indoors away from the cold outside or kicking back with some close friends, cannabis can instill any situation with a sense of happiness and ease. For anyone looking to make their holidays warm and bright, these winter cannabis strains were designed to provide Christmas cheer.

Winter Cannabis Strains to Get You in the Spirit

Blue Sherbet

Winter Cannabis 1
Source: Cannfo

As a hybrid cross of Blue Dream and Sunset Sherbet, two intensely popular strains in the recreational cannabis market, Blue Sherbet has a storied lineage to live up to. However, Blue Sherbet manages to mix and match the best qualities of its parent strains to invoke unique effects that keep customers coming back for repeat purchases.

Blue Sherbet makes an excellent strain for sharing with other cannabis enthusiasts, as its distinct, euphoric high is known to settle in quickly. Within moments of smoking Blue Sherbet, the strain will envelop your entire group in a tranquil and carefree state that lasts for hours. Taking advantage of its Blue Dream lineage, Blue Sherbet is also known as a light smoke that recalls hints of blueberries.


Winter Cannabis 2

One of the most famous hybrid strains in existence, GSC has developed a sterling presence among cannabis consumers for good reasons. Those who encounter GSC often report a scintillating, buzzy high capable of instantly melting away severe stress and anxiety.

An ideal winter cannabis strain for those chilly months, GSC can lend a jolt of positive energy to even the most mundane of activities. Binge-watching, board games or baking Christmas treats all become exciting and adventurous endeavors with just a few puffs of a hearty bowl of GSC. With some batches of GSC testing upwards of 19% THC, however, the strain can often be overwhelming for new or inexperienced cannabis users, so caution is advised.

Ice Cream Cake

Winter Cannabis 3
Source: Leafly

With some of the frostiest flowers of any strain available for purchase, the crystalline trichomes that wrap Ice Cream Cake will remind anyone of snowy December days. But these trichomes aren’t just for show: they also imbue each batch of Ice Cream Cake with a potent high that seems to defrost the body in a warm glow.

Ice Cream Cake also has a reputation for being a sweet smoke, conveying notes of cake batter and cream that help to subdue the taste of cannabis. Ice Cream Cake often tests with a robust THC content, however, so its tasty flavor shouldn’t distract from its powerful effects.

Snow Monster

Winter Cannabis 4

A relatively recent addition to the modern cannabis market, Snow Monster is a hybrid designed to help withstand the cold. Immediately upon encountering Snow Monster, its potent nature becomes apparent, as its strong, skunky smell and coated leaves indicate a high THC content.

Snow Monster is known for its exceptional ability to relieve pain, as those who smoke it often report chronic aches and discomfort fading away within a short frame of time. Likewise, Snow Monster is a winter cannabis strain capable of putting insomniacs to sleep, making it an effective night-time aid.

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Which Strains Can The AiroPro Vaporize?

The AiroPro works with a variety of compatible cartridges featuring many popular and unique strains. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Sunset Sherbert

AiroPro 3
Source: Weedmaps

Sunset Sherbert is an 85/15 indica-dominant strain that is derived from infamous parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. This strain features soaring THC levels that can reach as high as 24% and strong indica properties that produce a heavy and deeply relaxing full-body buzz. Moreover, Sunset Sherbert is a delectable strain that is adored for its tantalizing combination of fruity and skunky flavors.

Northern Lights

AiroPro 4
Source: Weedmaps

Northern Lights is an award-winning strain that contains nearly pure indica genetics. This strain produces a wonderfully numbing body high that is prized for its therapeutic and pain-relieving effects. This deliciously skunky strain is a great choice for those who prefer quality over quantity.

Green Crush

AiroPro 5
Source: Weedmaps

Green Crush is a 100% sativa that is known for having a higher CBD content that most other strains (sometimes reaching as high as 3%). This strain produces an intensely euphoric head high that leaves most people feeling more uplifted, energized, and creative.

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